Sister Burton

Sister Burton

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Holy Crow! Transfers!

I am being transferred!! I am going to Rainbow Valley YSA with Sister W! I am so excited!! I am not sure where that is but I think it is on the SouthWest Side of Edmonton. So totally opposite of where I have been, North East of Edmonton. :) I am so excited!! Sister W has been out 3 months so I am the Senior Companion....eek!

Sister G is TRAINING!! I knew it!! She is going to be amazing!!!! The took the Elders out of Sturgeon so there will be the only one set! CRAZY!!!
This week was great! I can't think of what happened. 
I am so excited to serve in a YSA! 
I love you all!!!

Love, Sister Burton xoxo

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Sturgeon Adventures!

This week was really great! (Like Always!) We had some amazing lessons with Less Active members! This week at church 4 LA's came!!! It was amazing!!! 

Me and Sis. Gunnell with Sturgeon in the background

We got a new Ward Mission Leader this week so it has been a weird transition week. But really good! I think he will be a great Ward Mission Leader! 

Me looking over my kingdom!

We officially started Facebook this week! So weird! It is going to be an excellent finding and teaching tool once we get all of the members on board! :) Feel free to comment, like and especially SHARE my posts or the posts I share! :) Let the world be flooded by spiritual messages!

Car Selfie
This week we received a referral for a Lady who lives out in Legal. Which is a tiny town 40 minutes from St. Albert. We had supper with a member out in Legal. Then drove to the lady's house. She wasn't home :( So we had to drive home in the dark, foggy, snowy night. I thought we were going to get lost. She lived on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere. But after much praying and driving we found our way home! Hooray!!
Driving in Legal.  This is what the town looks like...nothing!
Well I love you all! 
Graffiti made for me and Becca :) BK>>
Love, Sister Burton xoxo

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Amazing Week!

This week was amazing! We met with C twice and he said that he would read the Book of Mormon every single day for 15 minutes. We are going to meet with him again on Tuesday and see how it is going! He was going to come to church yesterday but something came up and he wasn't able to :(
J came to church again yesterday! And we had supper with her neighbors and her last night! It was such a good night! We showed the Because of Him Easter Video and everyone loved it! We had a really good discussion and J seemed interested. She is planning on coming to church again and hopefully she will want to learn more and we can start teaching her! 

B and C cancelled their appointment the day of and then C called later and told me that he loved meeting with us and learning more but they are getting so busy and don't want to waste our time or theirs because they were not looking to convert just to be informed. It broke my heart right in half but they said I could come over and take a picture with them and get their email so we can stay in touch!! 

We went on Exchanges this week! I went out to Spruce Grove with Sister E! I had so much fun and learned so much from her!!

While we were on exchanges Sister G and Sister W met with N and invited her to read the Book of Mormon every day! She said she would read it every morning when she reads the Bible! So many miracles are happening in the Sturgeon Area and I have grown so much!!! 

Love, Sister Burton xoxo
We had the best popsicles this week!  Even though
it was freezing outside we still ate them!

We had to take the Campbell's tree back this week.  I got kicked
out of the front seat so the tree would fit :)

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Temple Trip

This week was amazing and crazy! Ahhh.. I have so many stories I don`t know which ones to tell. Maybe I will get to them all.
Temple Trip

This week we met with G again. She is a less active who we are basically treating like an investigator. She doesn`t know anything about the church. She came to church last week and loved it. We taught the first half of the Plan of Salvation in SundaySchool. So we decided to finish the Plan of Salvation on Tuesday. We taught that and she understood and then she asked us a question about the Restoration. So we taught her the last half of the Restoration. It was such a good lesson! She is going to pray and read from the Book of Mormon and come to church again this week! She has been such a blessing in my life!

On New Years Eve we were meeting with Sister B helping her make lunch, because she is like 80. And we got a text from the Elders that said, ``Sister M` basement is flooding we need your help ASAP.`` So we told Sister B we had to go and rushed over. We were supposed to be helping this family move out later that night but we went over early to help. It was just us and the Elders. The family hadn`t packed up anything and when we got there the kids were still playing X-Box. The Elders were down in the basement and we were in charge of the upstairs. There was so much stuff and I didn`t know how we were going to move everything out that night because they had to be out of the house by 10 AM the next morning. We called a few people in the Ward to see if they could come help but because it was New Years Eve they said they couldn`t. All of the sudden someone showed up with a trailer to put everything in. Then every 5 minutes after that everyone started showing up. It was amazing! There was over 30 people helping us move this family out and clean the house.New Years Eve and the Sturgeon Ward came out to help! It was incredible!
On Sunday in Ward Council the Elders Quorum President said that he sent out an email to ask if anyone could come help to everyone in the ward and no one responded. So he thought that it would be him, his son, and the missionaries moving this family. It was amazing!! 

Thursday we had District Meeting and a white Elephant Gift Exchange. Which was super fun! Then right after we went as a District to help a family move down by West Ed Mall, who is Anti. They were moving from Ontario and they don`t know anyone in Edmonton so when they saw us show up they were sooooo grateful! We moved them in in 45 minutes! By the end they told us they were going to have us over sometime for a party! They aren`t getting baptized but now when they hear anything about Mormons they will have something good to say about us! 

On Sunday we went to help out at Mission Prep! I love going there and helping the Youth! They are so much more prepared than I was when I went on my mission. They practice in Seminary and at Mission Prep! I love talking with the Youth and encouraging them to go on a mission because it is the best thing I have ever done in my whole life. I have learned so much that I probably never would have been able to learn had I not come on a mission. It is incredible!

I just want you to all know that I know this Church is true and I love this Gospel more than anything! I am so fortunate to be in Canada serving my Heavenly Father. Love you all!

PS I will joining the Facebook World by the end of the week. So please don`t try to message me on there. I will not message back. :) 
Canada has really funny signs.  This one is telling us not
to dance and ride skateboards at the same time, eh.

Making gingerbread houses a while ago.
(I stole this from Sis. Gunnell's camera)
Bringing the Christmas Tree in a couple of
weeks ago! (Also from Sis. Gunnell)

This was me painting this week.  I was trying
to get underneath.  Tricky, Tricky!

Kamree-This is for you...It is the water park in
West Edmonton Mall

We recieved more snow this week.  It was so cold this
weekend.  Sunday morning it was -30C with
a wind chill of -39C.  BRRRR!

I am wearing 2 layers UNDER my tights!  it is really cold :)
Love, Sister Burton xoxo