Sister Burton

Sister Burton

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Restoration Sunday! July 28, 2015

This week was so great! Exchanges last week were successful! We drove halfway to Red Deer and the Sisters drove and met us and we exchanged. I went to Red Deer with Sister P and Sister Wh came back to Lakewood with Sister Wa. I loved being in Red Deer! I have never left the Edmonton area so it was a super good experience! Tonight we are exchanging with the Lacombe Sisters. I will be going to Lacombe with Sister R and Sister Wh will be with Sister L in Lakewood. I love going on exchanges, seeing different areas and learning from and serving these Sisters!

The Red Deer and Lakewood Sisters
Sis. P and I
This week was RESTORATION SUNDAY! It was so great! Every block in church was focused on the Restoration of the Gospel! There were quite a few nonmembers there. And we taught Relief Society. And it was a success! We taught about the Restoration of the Priesthood. It was pretty good if I say so myself. We played telephone (relating it to the need for prophets), watched some videos, and testified! Super great!


To invite everyone we work with to Restoration Sunday we made little invitations on Saturday. While we were making them in the church library the YSA Sisters texted us and asked us to open the door for them. So we left our stuff in the library and opened the door for them. We chatted for a bit then walked back to the library. As we walked in Elder B and Elder M jumped out from behind the counter and screamed which in turn made Sister Wh and I scream. That seriously was so scary! haha I am pretty sure my heart stopped. We now know that in any scary situation Sister Wh and I are both flight, not fight. The Elders got a good kick out of that one ;)

Sister Wh and I continue to take a million selfie's! We are just too cute. :) 

Love, Sister Burton  XOXO

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Happy Camper in Lakewood! July 21, 2015

This week has been amazing!  I LOVE Lakewood!  I LOVE Sis. Whiting!  I am one happy camper!
Sis. W and I.  Aren't we the cutest?

Last week we were able to meet with a lot of people so I could introduce myself!  We have done a lot of service.  I the last week we have weeded twice, played Beanbag Baseball with cute, little, old folks, and cleaned and washed out cupboards for one of our investigators!  Lakewood is very different from the other areas I have served in.  It isn't very big nor as rich as St. Albert and the East side of the City are.  But I love it!  The members are fabulous and the people we meet with are so great.  I don't really know any of them yet so next week I will provide more details.
We had an amazing lesson on Sunday with our investigator named S!  She loves talking about religion and no one else will talk about it with her.  There is only on small problem with S...She said that she was baptized into the Mormon Church when she was 6 or 7...haha!  We suggested it was probably when she was 8.  She said she didn't remember.  We got her first and last name and birthday and we are having our ward clerk see if he can find her records.  So she is our investigator/less active.  We will see. (:
This is OUR house!  We have the whole house to ourselves!

We also had a really good lesson with our new investigator named T.  She has taken the lessons before but like 20 years ago so we are going to teach her again.  We offered to do service for her and she said she didn't want to make us do that.  So we told her that the only way we get to wear pants is if we are doing she let us come over and weed and share a message.  When you make people think they are doing a service for you they are more keen on anything! Reverse psychology at its finest!
T has lots of pets.  This is me holding Tango!

Tonight we are driving half way , like an hour, to Red Deer to go on Exchanges with the Sisters down there for a day.  S I will be in Red Deer all day tomorrow and then come back to Lakewood tomorrow night.  I am excited for exchanges!  I am going to be able to see so many different parts of Alberta!
I am one happy camper!

This Sunday we are having a Restoration Sunday!  Sacrament meeting, Sunday School, and Relief Society/Priesthood are all going to be focused on the Restoration!  We want to focus on the basics.  For active members and non members!  In every supper appointment we have had with members we have talked about the Restoration and invited them to invite someone to Restoration Sunday.  It is going to be amazing!  I will let you know how it goes next week.
I love you all!  I hope you have a good week!
Sister Burton XOXO

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Transfer 9. Sister Training Leader! July 14, 2015

This week was amazing!  I learned so much and had so much fun!  First of all...transfers!  I have been transferred to the Lakewood Ward with Sis. Wh!  I am going to be a Sister Training Leader, which is like a Zone Leader for Sisters.  I will be over 6 Sister Companionships and go on exchanges with them every transfer.  I am so sad to leave Rainbow Valley but I am so excited to serve with Sis. Wh!  I read her blog before coming out on my mission.  She is the cutest!
My district on a P-day hike

This week we met with so many of our Less Actives and Recent Converts.  It was a week of miracles.  We had a lot of less actives at church!  I am so glad that I had the opportunity to serve with Sis. R.  She is amazing!  I have learned so much from her!  We have seen so many miracles together!  I am sad to be leaving her but Sis. W is coming to take my place so I know she is in good hands!

My BFF, Sis. W

This week we had dinner with the F's.  They have two daughter in our Ward and we eat with them quite often!  They are always such a hoot.  I laugh and laugh whenever I go to their house!  Today their daughter, D, left on her mission to California.  I was in this Ward when she got her call and she has gone on splits with us so many times!  I feel apart of their family!  It is families like them that make me so excited to go back to a family ward. 

Guess who came to visit this week???  Sis. B!  She came back up for a wedding of one of her converts so we went out to lunch together.  It was so great to see her again!  It was so fun to have lunch with my trainer, Sis. B, and my trainee, Sis. R!

Sis. B and I

I love you all!

Sis. Burton XOXO

Our Apartment doesn't have A/C and it's been so hot,
so sometimes I lay in front of the fan.  :)

C, Me, and M.  Two of my favorite members
in Rainbow Valley!








Happy Canada Day! July 7, 2015

LOOK at that!

This is my bench..."Be Fabulous!

 Hello!  This was such an amazing week!  We saw so many miracles and had so much fun!!  Wednesday was Canada Day and it was so much fun!  We went to the Alberta legislature and talked to people.  Something that surprised me was that Canadian's don't have much pride.  Sis. R, Sis. W, Sis H, and I all wore red and white and hardly anyone else did...We stuck out like a sore thumb.  Burt it was so much fun!

Celebrating Canada Day!

On Thursday we had district meeting.  Since it was Elder Ripley's last distric meeting we had a "funeral" for him.  We made a program and everything.  We had a Eulogy for him and made him lay on the table so we could take pictures.  We sang "Oh, Canada" and the "Star Spangled Banner" because we had to celebrate Canada and the States. :)

Saturday was the Forth of July!  We realy stuck out like sore thumbs this day!  But we didn't care, we had to show our American Pride!  We made CafĂ© Rio with Sis. W and Sis. H and went out to Coldstone to celebrate that night!  I am so grateful to be an American!  Sis. R and I even read some talks given in General Conference about how great America is!
Celebrating Independence Day!

Also on Saturday, A came back from her 3 week long trip to Quebec!  We had a lesson with her!  It was so great to see her!  She is doing amazing and she just glows with the light of Christ!

Mine and Sis. R's favorite place!

This week was great!  I love you!

Love, Sis. Burton XOXO

Caution...random selfie's below!

I fell asleep in a super weird position so Sis. R took a selfie!

My District!

A and I

Beautiful Double Rainbow

This is how my Kit Kat bites arrived in my Canada Day
package sent from home.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Love From Canada June 30, 2015

Hello! Hopefully this email will send in it's entirety!

Well this week was fantastic! We didn't meet with very many people but
the week flew by and we saw so many miracles!

Silly Selfie!  Check out my cool ring in the bottom of the picture on
my ring finger, it is made of antler! :)

 We met with A this week and it was a really good lesson!! We talked
about repentance and coming closer to Christ! She said that it is not
a question of if she will get baptized it is a question of when. She
knows she will be baptized she just wants to have a relationship with
Christ first so she knows she will stick to this her whole life. She
is amazing! Heavenly Father is preparing so many great people we just
need to find them!

 We didn't meet with K or S this last week but we will this week!

Funny sign on a bus

 As a zone this week we did a fast to find new investigators! It was
amazing! We fasted yesterday and spent as much time as we could
finding! We walked around the city and went on the LRT(like Trax) and
talked to everyone! We met some pretty cool people! We are praying for
everyone in our zone by name all week! It is going to be an amazing

 Expect Miracles!

Find all the Book of Mormon's! #missionarylife

 This week I finished the Book of Mormon! I read from a paperback copy
and I marked every reference to Christ in it! It is a very orange Book
of Mormon! Every page is full of testimony if the Savior! I have come
so close to Him while reading the Book of Mormon these past couple
months! Now I am reading it again and marking everything about
Patience because that is the Christlike Attribute I struggle most
with. (I took the Christlike Attribute test from Preach My Gospel) I
will let you know how it goes!

I love you all!

Love, Sister Burton