Sister Burton

Sister Burton

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Restoration Sunday! July 28, 2015

This week was so great! Exchanges last week were successful! We drove halfway to Red Deer and the Sisters drove and met us and we exchanged. I went to Red Deer with Sister P and Sister Wh came back to Lakewood with Sister Wa. I loved being in Red Deer! I have never left the Edmonton area so it was a super good experience! Tonight we are exchanging with the Lacombe Sisters. I will be going to Lacombe with Sister R and Sister Wh will be with Sister L in Lakewood. I love going on exchanges, seeing different areas and learning from and serving these Sisters!

The Red Deer and Lakewood Sisters
Sis. P and I
This week was RESTORATION SUNDAY! It was so great! Every block in church was focused on the Restoration of the Gospel! There were quite a few nonmembers there. And we taught Relief Society. And it was a success! We taught about the Restoration of the Priesthood. It was pretty good if I say so myself. We played telephone (relating it to the need for prophets), watched some videos, and testified! Super great!


To invite everyone we work with to Restoration Sunday we made little invitations on Saturday. While we were making them in the church library the YSA Sisters texted us and asked us to open the door for them. So we left our stuff in the library and opened the door for them. We chatted for a bit then walked back to the library. As we walked in Elder B and Elder M jumped out from behind the counter and screamed which in turn made Sister Wh and I scream. That seriously was so scary! haha I am pretty sure my heart stopped. We now know that in any scary situation Sister Wh and I are both flight, not fight. The Elders got a good kick out of that one ;)

Sister Wh and I continue to take a million selfie's! We are just too cute. :) 

Love, Sister Burton  XOXO

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