Sister Burton

Sister Burton

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Heritage Days! August 4, 2015

Hello! This week was CRAZY! But super great!

Exchanges this week were in Lacombe! Which is a small town south of Edmonton. I had such a good time with Sister R! She is a doll!

Thursday we had Mission Leadership Council, with all of the zone leaders and sister training leaders, all day. President and Sister Manion each gave trainings and so did the Assistants. Now from those trainings us and the zone leaders will give trainings to all of the zones in Zone Training Meetings this week!

Sis. Burton, Sis. Rush, Sis. Jones
We all came out together and were all at
Mission Leadership Council!

Saturday we volunteered at Heritage Days along with every other missionary in Edmonton! It was super fun! Heritage Days is a huge festival where people from 40+ countries have booths with food, dancers, and souvenirs. We wore cute (hideous) Edmonton Food Bank vests/bibs. And asked for everyone's extra tickets and food donations. Everyone comes into Heritage Days on buses and we stand outside the buses and talk to people. We did get to take an hour to walk around the park and eat food and watch dancers! My favorite dancers were from Ethiopia and Eritrea. And my favorite food was from Cambodia and Chile!  It was a long day but really fun! 

This is the same lake that I ice skated on and where Sis. Lytle
broke her ankle.

So I realized that I really haven't told you much about our investigators..
So here we go!
C! Cis amazing! She loves the church and the missionaries! She is the sweetest and most selfless person I have ever met! She is working through some health issues right now. Everytime we go to C's house we get food. She either feeds us what they are having for dinner, Sunday night is was some steaks that they are cooking on the BBQ or sends us home with bags of chips, pop, and candy bars.

T! T is a former investigator that took lessons from the missionaries before Sister W and I were born...haha she doesn't remember much of what the missionaries taught her, go figure. haha. She loves learning and is ready to start going to church again. We have been doing service for her, which is great for us! We get to wear pants!! We are meeting with her tonight!!

S! S is the investigator that we weren't sure if she was a member or not. Upon further investigation we have come to the conclusion that she is not a member. So when she gets home from holidays we have to somehow tell her that she was not baptized into the Mormon church. #awkward She gets home this week so we can meet with her on Sunday!! Hooray!

A! A is our adorable 9 year old investigator whom I have not met yet. She has been in Ontario for the past 4 weeks. And she won't be back until the end of August. When she gets back we are going to finish teaching her the lessons and she is going to be baptized! I am so excited to meet her! I have seen pictures and she is so cute!

And finally R. Oh R. What an interesting experience we had this week. The YSA sisters found him and we had a lesson with him this week. R is from India and he is into yoga. So before he let us teach him he wanted to teach us more about yoga. it was super funny! I had to bite my lip to not burst into laughter. He was passing us positive energy and teaching us how to breathe deeply. Baha. Everyday since then he has texted us on his morning walk telling us that he is sending us positive energy. We did get to teach him but it was a bit of a gong show so hopefully tonight will be better!

We got a rosemary and basil plant.  Ronald is no longer alone.
He has friends!

This morning was Temple Pday! I LOVE the temple!
Love you all!
Love, Sister Burton xoxo

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