Sister Burton

Sister Burton

Monday, February 23, 2015

The craziness continues... February 23, 2015

Since the last time I emailed things have just gotten crazier. But a good crazy! We got X-Ray's for Sister L's ankle on Tuesday but the Doctor who is going to be looking at it is in Mexico on Holiday. So we will get the results whenever he gets back. So for right now she is on crutches, hobbling everywhere. :)

As we are covering the 3 wards we have been very busy! We didn't even get a chance to meet with everyone last week! We are going to have to do splits this week to get everything done. In all of the craziness we saw so many miracles! We found 3 new investigators this week! One for each of the 3 areas we are covering! 

I was praying all week for a Miracle Media Referral. A media referral is someone who goes online to and requests something like a Book of Mormon, a Bible, or a visit from the missionaries. I have never received one so I wanted one! On Friday we got a text from the Rutherford Elders wanting to pass over a girl to us. They taught her the first lesson and she seemed really interested! She is YSA age so they passed her over to us! I told my companions that I was praying for a Referral, too bad she wasn't a media referral. And at that moment the Elders texted us and told us that she was a media referral!!! It was so cool! Heavenly Father answers prayers! Even when they are a silly thing like wanting a Miracle Media Referral! D came to church yesterday and loved it! And she is coming to FHE tonight!! 

Yesterday I spoke in church and taught the Gospel Principles class with Sister W. Hopefully they are not too tired of hearing from me! I spoke on Loving Others and Living with Differences. The talks I based my talk on were "Love-the Essence of the Gospel" by President Monson and "Loving Others and Living with Differences"by Elder Oaks. You should all read them because they are so good! :) 

On Saturday we went to a Baptism of someone that Sister L taught. It was such a great experience! She is 14 years old and is so excited about the gospel! I love the gospel and the joy that it brings into everyone's life!!

I love you all! 

Love, Sister Burton xoxo

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

One Companion For One Area! February 16, 2015

This week was NUTS!
Monday we received a call right after emailing last week from President Manion, who informed us that a Sister had to go home so her companion Sister L would be joining our companionship! So we would be picking her up on Thursday! We had a lesson with K and her mom Ke and watched Joseph Smith, the Prophet of the Restoration with them! They loved it!!!! They are so amazing!

Tuesday we had Zone Conference! We talked more about Facebook and how we are going to make it more effective. We are all new at Facebook so we do a lot of trial and error. :) 
Wednesday we had District Meeting because Sister W was leaving the next day so Elder Ca our District Leader decided to have it before she left! We took some pretty sweet district pictures!

Thursday we picked up Sister L at the Mission Office and the crazy began! We are covering Rainbow Valley plus Sister L's area, Belmead, and we are Sister request for Coronation Park. We are going to be so busy!!! It is great! We met with S, a less active, who has returned to activity! And she has a meeting with the Bishop on Sunday to get her Patriarchal Blessing!!! She has grown so much! I just love her!! The atonement of Jesus Christ is amazing! It can help us overcome anything!!!! 

Friday we Weekly Planned. Weekly Planning for 3 areas was CRAZY!! It took us alllllll day! There was so much to go over and so much to do. But it is finished and we are semi-organized. :) We will get the hang of it soon!

Saturday was Valentine's Day. I totally forgot! haha :) Sister L cut out little hearts and we heart attacked less-actives and investigators! It was so great!! Sister L is amazing! She is from Las Vegas! She has been out 5 months. So I am still the oldest. How strange is that?? 

Sunday was interesting. We had to go on splits to cover all of the wards. Belmead and Rainbow Valley meet at the same time. So we dropped Sister L off at that chapel and we headed over to the Institute for our church. :) It was very strange to be away from Sister L and she said it was strange to be with a member the whole time! Tripans are weird! But amazing! :) 

Monday was Family Day in Canada so everything was closed. That is why P-Day is today!! :) 
For FHE yesterday we went to Hawrelak Park! They had an ice skating rink on a lake. It was so cool!!! I can now say that I have Ice Skated on a Lake in Canada! But...Sister L fell and twisted her ankle. She can't walk on it but because yesterday was Family Day we couldn't go to the doctor. So we are going to get it X-Rayed today...The adventures are never stopping here in the Rainbow Valley, Belmead, and Coronation Park Wards...haha :)
Sis. Burton, Sis. L, Sis. W

We were not able to meet with D this week because he was out of town :( Hopefully we can meet with him soon!! 

Despite all the craziness we did get a lot of missionary work done and we are seeing so much success! I love being a missionary!!!!!! 

Love, Sister Burton  


Amazing Week in Rainbow Valley! February 9, 2015

This week was amazing!! On Monday our investigator, K, came to Family Home Evening and loved it!! We played volleyball and after we were done she wanted to walk around the church and look at all the beautiful paintings! She loves church and the members of the ward! K has been investigating since November. When the Elders first met her she wasn't working and she never left the house because she had bad anxiety. Since she has been investigating she has gone back to school, gotten a job, and she hardly has anxiety anymore! K has noticed the change that the gospel has brought into her life! The Atonement is real!!
Tuesday we went on Exchanges! I went back up to Londonderry where I went my first transfer! I was with Sister R! I learned so much from her! It was amazing! I love exchanges! Even though you are only with the Sisters for 24 hours you learn so much from them! 
Sis. Burton and Sis. R

 Thursday we had district meeting! I love district meeting! It is very different from my last district! We are not the only Sisters anymore! I love serving near other Sisters! The Elders are fabulous as well! I always learn so much every district meeting!
We also met with K! We taught her about the 10 Commandments and the Nature of God. She loved it! She said that this was her favorite lesson yet. We shared a scripture in Moses 7 that she just loved so much! It was Moses 7:44 Which says, "And as Enoch saw this, he had bitterness of soul, and wept over his brethren, and said unto the heavens: I will refuse to be comforted; but the Lord said unto Enoch: Lift up your heart, and be glad; and look."
The world around us is so wicked and there is so much in life to be sad about but we have this gospel and the Lord tells us to Lift up your heart and be glad! There is so much to be glad about in the world! We are so blessed! And our Heavenly Father loves us so much! If you get time this week read this story about Enoch. Moses 7:28-44.
Thursday we also met with S a Less-Active. She has changed so much as well and can see what the gospel has done for her! She comes to church every week as well as FHE!! The gospel changes people and is so amazing!!!
Friday we met with another Less-Active named Ch who hasn't gone to church in years, but she really wants to turn her life around and come back to church. She said she is missing something in her life and that the church is it. We had an amazing lesson with her! She wanted to take the Missionary Lessons again so we taught her the Restoration! She didn't come to church this week. She got nervous and cancelled her ride last minute, hopefully as we continue bringing her to Christ she will feel ready to come back to church!
Friday we also had a lesson with one of our investigators named D. He is roommates with a Recent Convert in our ward and is interested in learning about the gospel. I don't think he knows why he is investigating but he continues asking us to meet with him! We think his head and his heart are telling him two different things. His heart knows that this is good and that it is true and his head disagrees. He has listened to the wrong voice for so long it is hard for him to discern between what is from God and what is not. He is slowly progressing and I can see it in his face! We just need to continue to meet with him and help him recognize the Holy Ghost and how he speaks to him.
Saturday we went to the Chinese New Year Fireside with K! Most of it was spoken in Mandarin Chinese which was super cool! And even though we couldn't understand what was being said in the talks Karli felt the spirit! One of the speakers summarized what he said in English and that really touched her! He told of his conversion story and she loved it! After the fireside there was refreshments and K was talking to the past bishop of the Rainbow Valley Ward and he asked her if she was a member and she said, "Not yet, but I will be soon!" Then she looked at us and smiled! She is so excited to be baptized! She knows that this gospel is true! She is amazing!
Yesterday we had a member of our ward who was a facebook missionary as well train us on how to make facebook most effective. We have been using facebook but we know that we can be using it so much more effective! It was an amazing training! He taught us how to find people on Facebook who are ready to hear about the Restored Gospel and to teach them on facebook! It is going to be amazing! I can't wait to start tonight!
This week was amazing and I learned so much!!! I love being a missionary!!
Love, Sister Burton xoxo

West Edmonton Mall

Monday, February 2, 2015

We are going to Rock Rainbow Valley!

Wow! YSA is so different from family ward! But it is so fun! I love it! I love Sister W and I love Rainbow Valley! I could hear the everything that happened in sacrament meeting and it was so easy to pay attention! It was so great! 

Sis. W at the West Edmonton Mall!  It is in my area so I can go
every week!  I love Sis. W!  She is the best!!! We are going to
ROCK Rainbow Valley!

This ward is fabulous! We are working with a some Less Actives, some recent converts, and investigators! I haven't met our most progressing investigator yet but hopefully soon!
Rainbow Valley covers the whole Riverbend Stake. So it is so big! The Riverbend Stake is the South West part of Edmonton! We spend a lot of time at the institute, we have church there, we meet with investigators there, members feed us supper there, and FHE is there. haha. Sister Wilson and I are going to get really good at cooking because we don't get fed by the members often so we have to make our meals, luckily I learned a lot from Sister G!!!
Finding for YSA is really hard. Tracting isn't effective, so we do a lot of Bus Contacting! It is really different for me but I love it!!
Our apartment is super cute! It is so much nicer than my last apartment! And it is 30 seconds from the temple! It is hard to see the temple multiple times a day and only be able to go every 3 months! But I am so grateful that I have a temple so close that I have the opportunity to go every 3 months!!
I have learned so much this past week! It is crazy! I love this ward!!! I am so excited to be serving here!
Love you all!!
Love, Sister Burton xoxo

Sis. G and Sis. Burton with the F kids

The L family

Sis. Burton, P, Sis. G

The S Family