Sister Burton

Sister Burton

Monday, February 2, 2015

We are going to Rock Rainbow Valley!

Wow! YSA is so different from family ward! But it is so fun! I love it! I love Sister W and I love Rainbow Valley! I could hear the everything that happened in sacrament meeting and it was so easy to pay attention! It was so great! 

Sis. W at the West Edmonton Mall!  It is in my area so I can go
every week!  I love Sis. W!  She is the best!!! We are going to
ROCK Rainbow Valley!

This ward is fabulous! We are working with a some Less Actives, some recent converts, and investigators! I haven't met our most progressing investigator yet but hopefully soon!
Rainbow Valley covers the whole Riverbend Stake. So it is so big! The Riverbend Stake is the South West part of Edmonton! We spend a lot of time at the institute, we have church there, we meet with investigators there, members feed us supper there, and FHE is there. haha. Sister Wilson and I are going to get really good at cooking because we don't get fed by the members often so we have to make our meals, luckily I learned a lot from Sister G!!!
Finding for YSA is really hard. Tracting isn't effective, so we do a lot of Bus Contacting! It is really different for me but I love it!!
Our apartment is super cute! It is so much nicer than my last apartment! And it is 30 seconds from the temple! It is hard to see the temple multiple times a day and only be able to go every 3 months! But I am so grateful that I have a temple so close that I have the opportunity to go every 3 months!!
I have learned so much this past week! It is crazy! I love this ward!!! I am so excited to be serving here!
Love you all!!
Love, Sister Burton xoxo

Sis. G and Sis. Burton with the F kids

The L family

Sis. Burton, P, Sis. G

The S Family

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