Sister Burton

Sister Burton

Monday, February 23, 2015

The craziness continues... February 23, 2015

Since the last time I emailed things have just gotten crazier. But a good crazy! We got X-Ray's for Sister L's ankle on Tuesday but the Doctor who is going to be looking at it is in Mexico on Holiday. So we will get the results whenever he gets back. So for right now she is on crutches, hobbling everywhere. :)

As we are covering the 3 wards we have been very busy! We didn't even get a chance to meet with everyone last week! We are going to have to do splits this week to get everything done. In all of the craziness we saw so many miracles! We found 3 new investigators this week! One for each of the 3 areas we are covering! 

I was praying all week for a Miracle Media Referral. A media referral is someone who goes online to and requests something like a Book of Mormon, a Bible, or a visit from the missionaries. I have never received one so I wanted one! On Friday we got a text from the Rutherford Elders wanting to pass over a girl to us. They taught her the first lesson and she seemed really interested! She is YSA age so they passed her over to us! I told my companions that I was praying for a Referral, too bad she wasn't a media referral. And at that moment the Elders texted us and told us that she was a media referral!!! It was so cool! Heavenly Father answers prayers! Even when they are a silly thing like wanting a Miracle Media Referral! D came to church yesterday and loved it! And she is coming to FHE tonight!! 

Yesterday I spoke in church and taught the Gospel Principles class with Sister W. Hopefully they are not too tired of hearing from me! I spoke on Loving Others and Living with Differences. The talks I based my talk on were "Love-the Essence of the Gospel" by President Monson and "Loving Others and Living with Differences"by Elder Oaks. You should all read them because they are so good! :) 

On Saturday we went to a Baptism of someone that Sister L taught. It was such a great experience! She is 14 years old and is so excited about the gospel! I love the gospel and the joy that it brings into everyone's life!!

I love you all! 

Love, Sister Burton xoxo

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