Sister Burton

Sister Burton

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

One Companion For One Area! February 16, 2015

This week was NUTS!
Monday we received a call right after emailing last week from President Manion, who informed us that a Sister had to go home so her companion Sister L would be joining our companionship! So we would be picking her up on Thursday! We had a lesson with K and her mom Ke and watched Joseph Smith, the Prophet of the Restoration with them! They loved it!!!! They are so amazing!

Tuesday we had Zone Conference! We talked more about Facebook and how we are going to make it more effective. We are all new at Facebook so we do a lot of trial and error. :) 
Wednesday we had District Meeting because Sister W was leaving the next day so Elder Ca our District Leader decided to have it before she left! We took some pretty sweet district pictures!

Thursday we picked up Sister L at the Mission Office and the crazy began! We are covering Rainbow Valley plus Sister L's area, Belmead, and we are Sister request for Coronation Park. We are going to be so busy!!! It is great! We met with S, a less active, who has returned to activity! And she has a meeting with the Bishop on Sunday to get her Patriarchal Blessing!!! She has grown so much! I just love her!! The atonement of Jesus Christ is amazing! It can help us overcome anything!!!! 

Friday we Weekly Planned. Weekly Planning for 3 areas was CRAZY!! It took us alllllll day! There was so much to go over and so much to do. But it is finished and we are semi-organized. :) We will get the hang of it soon!

Saturday was Valentine's Day. I totally forgot! haha :) Sister L cut out little hearts and we heart attacked less-actives and investigators! It was so great!! Sister L is amazing! She is from Las Vegas! She has been out 5 months. So I am still the oldest. How strange is that?? 

Sunday was interesting. We had to go on splits to cover all of the wards. Belmead and Rainbow Valley meet at the same time. So we dropped Sister L off at that chapel and we headed over to the Institute for our church. :) It was very strange to be away from Sister L and she said it was strange to be with a member the whole time! Tripans are weird! But amazing! :) 

Monday was Family Day in Canada so everything was closed. That is why P-Day is today!! :) 
For FHE yesterday we went to Hawrelak Park! They had an ice skating rink on a lake. It was so cool!!! I can now say that I have Ice Skated on a Lake in Canada! But...Sister L fell and twisted her ankle. She can't walk on it but because yesterday was Family Day we couldn't go to the doctor. So we are going to get it X-Rayed today...The adventures are never stopping here in the Rainbow Valley, Belmead, and Coronation Park Wards...haha :)
Sis. Burton, Sis. L, Sis. W

We were not able to meet with D this week because he was out of town :( Hopefully we can meet with him soon!! 

Despite all the craziness we did get a lot of missionary work done and we are seeing so much success! I love being a missionary!!!!!! 

Love, Sister Burton  


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