Sister Burton

Sister Burton

Monday, April 20, 2015

Tripan Craziness! April 20, 2015

This week was amazing but also very crazy! Tripans are nuts! There is not enough hours in the day to get everything done we need to! But transfers are this week so we will not be a tripan anymore. Speaking of transfers! Sister W is leaving me! She is going to Sherwood Park and I am staying here and ....Training! Holy Smokes. I cannot believe it. I am so excited! It is going to be amazing! So I don't know who my companion is yet but I will find out on Wednesday! Sister Wa and Sister W thought it was hilarious that I am hitting my 9 month mark and I am training or having a "child" as we call it in the mission! I am going to be a mom! :) So weird. haha
Some things that happened this week are: K came to church yesterday! Wahoo! It was awesome! She loved it and all of the talks and lessons were so good for her! She is slowly progressing but she loved the gospel and the spirit she feels!
Kr came home this week and she came to a Relief Society Conference! All of the speakers were so good! She loved it! She is moving this next week. Which I am so sad about. She has come to be one of my favorite people on the earth! I love her so much! She has already told me that she is going to write me every week! :) We will see what happens this week! Hopefully she will get a job back up in Edmonton that she can move back up here and visit me! :)

Au, our new investigator, came to church again this week! She loves the church! We met with her this week and she has already started reading the Book of Mormon, she already knows that it is true! She is amazing! I am so excited for her to continue progressing!
D is still doing amazing! She got a calling this week! It is amazing to see her embrace the gospel! She loves it and hopefully her family will see a difference in her and question about the gospel!

We have a couple of other investigators that are doing well! A came to church yesterday! Her boyfriend is a member and they are thinking about marriage so she is deciding whether or not she believes in the church. She has such a strong desire to seek answers! She is amazing! J and S came to FHE a couple weeks ago and loved it! We weren't able to meet with them this week but they did go over to their fellowshipper's house and chat for a little while!
I know that this gospel is true! I know that it can make us happier then we ever would have thought! I have seen the change in others and myself as we come closer to the Savior. I am so honored to be able to be a representative of Him.

Love you all!

Love, Sister Burton xoxo

Monday, April 13, 2015

Sneaky Sisters April 13, 2015

This week was amazing! Sister W and I decided that we wanted to develop a "Passion for Finding" this week so really strived to and we did! We love finding now! Haha!
We did a lots of different things to find those who are ready to hear the gospel! We walked by and LRT (like Trax) Station and talked to everyone we passed. That worked really good but we wanted to think of other ways to get people to stop and talk to us. So we decided to ask people to take a picture of us and while they were doing that we would chat to them. haha needless to say we now have quite a few pictures of ourselves. haha sneaky sisters trying to get people to stop and talk to them! :)
This week we were able to meet with J and S and A! K is coming back to Edmonton on Wednesday! And K said she can meet with us after tomorrow!  I really craved Cafe Rio this week so you should go and eat some for me! :) Cherish what you have because sometimes you come to Canada and there is no Cafe Rio or Zupas!
Yesterday at church a girl named Au came to church with her friend again, this is her fourth time coming. Her and I have talked a little bit when she has come and this week I decided to ask her if she would like to learn more about the gospel and she said YES! So we are going to be teaching her this week! We are super excited! Sister W and I have been so blessed to have met so many people who are prepared to receive the restored gospel!
We also found out this week that we are going to be in another Tripan. But only for one week. We are getting Sister W because her companion is going home a week before transfers. So that will be fun! Tripans really like Sister W and I! :)
Love you!
Love, Sister Burton xoxo
I was going to send a lot of pictures home but the computer is not working :(

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Happy Easter from Edmonton! April 7, 2015

This week has been great! I am typing on a little tiny computer so this email is going to be short because it is really hard to type on. So I will give little bullet points of the highlights of my week!

Well first off, General Conference! So good! I loved the Sunday Morning Sessions especially! I think that every talk was directed at me! I LOVED Elder Holland's talk about the Atonement of Jesus Christ. AMAZING!  I also loved Elder Nielson's talk about Watching, Waiting, and Praying! Sooo good!

We met with K twice this week and watched a session of General Conference with her! She loved it and is going back to watch all of the other sessions! We are meeting with her tonight! She has had really bad anxiety the past couple weeks and that has been why she doesn't respond to our messages but she thanked us for being persistant and is ready to meet with us again!! 

Kr talked to her mom this week and her mom told her that she is not going to support her decision to be baptized. Her mom isn't going to disown her which is a good sign but Kr is a little sad about it. But she is not going to let this stop her from being baptized. She is amazing!

D is still amazing! She watched all of the sessions of Conference and loved it! She is a little tender mercy every single day! 

We met with J and S again this week and we had a breakthrough with them! J admitted that Jesus is the Christ not just another person and he said that he knows that Christ can help him with every thing he is going through! The Spirit of Conference is so strong! They went to a members house to watch Conference. The member has two little boys ages 4 and 2 so it was a little hard for them to hear and pay attention to Conference but they still loved it and want to watch the other sessions that they missed!

We met with a new investigator this week named A. The Gateway YSA Sisters had a pass over lesson with us (they have been teaching her but she is in our area so we all met together and taught a lesson and now we are going to be teaching her) She is very intelligent and seriously desires to know if the Church is true. Her boyfriend is a member and they are getting to the point where they are talking about marriage and they both know that in order for their marriage to be solid they need to be on the same page religion wise. So she is investigating the church. Usually the word investigating isn't used literal but for A it is. She is digging down deep trying to find out what she believes. She is amazing! We are teaching her again tomorrow

Well this short email turned out to be longer than I expected it was just such a great week of finding answers to concerns, questions, and inspiration for investigators. I love being a missionary! I have always loved it but this week especially strengthened my testimony of missionary work and Jesus Christ. 

It was amazing to celebrate Easter on Sunday. It was nice to celebrate it without the things of the world. I studied the Savior's life and thought about his great atoning sacrifice all day! I know He lives. I know he loves each one of us and that is why he atoned for our sins and was resurrected for us. He knew that the only way we could return back to our Heavenly Father is if we could overcome sin and death and through Him we can. I am so grateful for His love and His sacrifice on my behalf. I love you all! 

Love, Sister Burton xoxo