Sister Burton

Sister Burton

Monday, March 30, 2015

I Love Edmonton March 30, 2015

D went and did Baptisms for the Dead at the temple this week and she loved it! She asked us if they would let her do 100 baptisms the next time she went? She is amazing! :)

We went on Exchanges this week! I stayed in Rainbow Valley and Sister A came down with me! I love Exchanges! They are amazing! We always see so many miracles and I always learn so much! Some miracles we saw on Exchanges this time are: #1 We stopped by a less active/lost sheep who has been ignoring us for 2 months and she let us in and we were able to teach her! She is really struggling. We asked her to study about the Atonement so she can understand it and apply it in her life! #2 We stopped by another less active that we have been trying to contact for months and she also let us in and we had a really good conversation about the church with her! She is willing to let us come back! Exchanges are great! :)
Sis. Burton and Sis. A

We were able to meet with K again this week! We taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ; faith, repentance, baptism, gift of the holy ghost, and enduring to the end. She is soooooo excited about Baptism! She went down to Medicine Hat this weekend to talk to her family! She is amazing! She was little tender mercy sent to us!

This is a random Totem Pole we found on Exchanges

K still isn't responding to us. She hung out with members this week and texted them back but she won't get back to us. We are just going to keep showing her how much we care about her and hopefully her heart will be softened. Satan is working really hard in the Canada Edmonton Mission right now. But we have Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ on our side! :)

This is a random Chinese Building
I love you all! Happy Easter! As missionaries we are sharing an Easter video that is amazing! You should all watch it and share it on Social Media ;) it is
Love, Sister Burton xoxo

Canadian Money...It is all real, I promise!

I left Sis. W laying on my bed like this for 30 seconds to get a drink. 
I came back to this and she jumps out from behind me and scared me!
I about died!  She scared me so bad!  Haha!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Baptism Week! March 23,2015


This week was phenomenal! D's baptism was amazing! She was so prepared and so excited! It has been an amazing experience to watch her progress the past 4 weeks closer to Christ! It is so amazing to see the Atonement working in her life and in the lives of many others! I have gained such a strong testimony strength that comes from Christ and the power of the Book of Mormon this week!
We had another lesson with K this week and she is doing fabulous! She wrote down a  bunch of questions she had for us and she came to church again! She is going to talk to her parents this week about Baptism. She is amazing! K is someone that I know I will be friends with forever! I just love her!
K hasn't been responding to our phone calls, texts, knocks on the door, facebook messages for the last two weeks. She is even ignoring the members. Hopefully her heart will be opened again to us!

We met with two new investigators last night, J and S. They are First Nation (Native Americans). They are interested in the Book of Mormon. They are going to be tricky but I know that Heavenly Father will help them come closer to Him and His Son.

After J and S, Sister W and I were talking about Natives and I mentioned that I was 1/64 Native. And I told her the story of Ruth and Anson Call. And guess what? She is related to Anson Call! We are related!! Haha! It was so funny!!! :)

Love you!
Love, Sister Burton xoxo

Another Week Gone! March 16, 2015

Another week gone. Can you believe it? This week was full of miracles! Surprise I know! :)

On Tuesday we meet with D, K, and K!

D is being baptized on Saturday! She is so excited! She has been investigating for less than a month! She has watched almost every video on including The District, which are missionary training videos. We taught her the Law of Chastity last week and she related it to the District! It was so funny! D has taught me that it is solely by the spirit that someone is converted. I haven't done anything except prepare to teach her and the spirit takes it from there. She loves the gospel and is so excited to come closer to her Father in Heaven and Savior Jesus Christ!
K is steadily progressing! She is still having Word of Wisdom problems but she received a priesthood blessing on Thursday and loved it!  The Spirit was so strong and everything she needed to hear was in the blessing. Heavenly Father knows exactly what each of us need to hear exactly when we need to hear it! She quit her job so that she could come to church! I love seeing the change that people go through as they come closer to their Heavenly Father decide to align their will with his! Her baptism date is still set for March 28! We might have to push it back a week but hopefully not!
And K! We met with her on Tuesday and she had a question for us. She has been researching the church for quite some time, her only question was about the Great Apostasy. She just wanted more clarification on it. We decided to teach her the whole first lesson so it made sense. The spirit was so strong! She is so ready to hear the restored gospel! She said that she has been praying to know if this is the church that she should join but hasn't received and answer. We talked about how the Holy Ghost works and she realized that she has received and answer! She wants to be baptized but she needs to talk to her parents first, they are out of the country but when they get back she is going to talk to them. They are not religious so hopefully all goes well!

I have learned so much about the nature of Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost through my experiences this week! I love being a missionary and being a tool in the Lord's hands to bring His children back into His fold.
Sis. Burton, Sis. L, Sis. W, D

 Love you! Love, Sister Burton xoxo

Transfer 6! March 9, 2015

I cannot believe that I am already into Transfer 6. That is crazyness! Good news is that I will be staying in Rainbow Valley with Sister W!   Sister L is getting a new companion and going back to Belmead.

This week was amazing as far as miracles go! We met with D 3 times this week and she came watch a baptism and came to church again! She has decided that she wants to be baptized on March 21! She knows that this church is true and she loves it!! She is amazing!!

We were not able to meet with K this week but we did get to text her and chat on Facebook!

A girl named C has been coming to church with her friend, A, the past couple weeks and we have become friends! Everytime we see each other we talk for a little bit! She came again yesterday and I decided that we were going to invite her to meet with us and learn more about the gospel. After Sacrament Meeting she came up to me and asked if it would be okay if she meet with us this week to learn more and ask some questions she has! HOORAY! I love her! She is amazing and an answer to a prayer! We are meeting with her on Tuesday and I can't wait to help her come closer to Christ!

I love you all! Sorry it is not longer I don't have much time!!!
Love, Sister Burton xoxo

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Another Amazing Week! March 2, 2015

What a week. I know I said that last week but I really mean it this week. We finally heard back from the Doctor about Sister L's ankle. It is broken.. She was ordered to lay in bed with her foot elevated all day Friday so that meant that I was also in the apartment all day Friday. I almost went crazy. The doctor told her that she might need surgery so her and Sister Manion went to the hospital on Friday to get it looked at again. We had appointments all night so we went to those. We got a text around 2:30 that Sister L had to go home for surgery..So we were freaking out. It was nuts. We finished our appointments and then headed home to plan and pack for Sister L. She was flying out the next day. Around 10 we got a text from Sister L that said, "Surprise I am not going home yet! They are going to reset my ankle and see if it will heal properly and if it doesn't then I will have to go home for surgery." So that was a huge relief! So she is working in the office every week day from 10-5. Then she will come around with us every night.
Even with all the craziness of the week. We met with K twice and D (miracle media referral) 3 times! D came to church again yesterday and is coming to FHE tonight! She is so excited to learn about the church!!

Missionary work is amazing!!! As you all probably saw, Saturday was our Social Media Split. Every set of missionaries in the Canada Edmonton Mission were followed around by members of the ward, who took pictures of us and posted them on Facebook and Instagram! The Book of Mormon Musical is coming to Edmonton at the end of the month so we want to show other what missionaries really do instead of them being deceived by the musical! It was such a great experience!

All of these pictures are from our Social Media Split, posted by members of the
Rainbow Valley YSA Ward! 

I love you all so much!
Love, Sister Burton xoxo

PS I found Rob's twin. I about had a heart attack when I saw him! :)