Sister Burton

Sister Burton

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Love From Canada June 30, 2015

Hello! Hopefully this email will send in it's entirety!

Well this week was fantastic! We didn't meet with very many people but
the week flew by and we saw so many miracles!

Silly Selfie!  Check out my cool ring in the bottom of the picture on
my ring finger, it is made of antler! :)

 We met with A this week and it was a really good lesson!! We talked
about repentance and coming closer to Christ! She said that it is not
a question of if she will get baptized it is a question of when. She
knows she will be baptized she just wants to have a relationship with
Christ first so she knows she will stick to this her whole life. She
is amazing! Heavenly Father is preparing so many great people we just
need to find them!

 We didn't meet with K or S this last week but we will this week!

Funny sign on a bus

 As a zone this week we did a fast to find new investigators! It was
amazing! We fasted yesterday and spent as much time as we could
finding! We walked around the city and went on the LRT(like Trax) and
talked to everyone! We met some pretty cool people! We are praying for
everyone in our zone by name all week! It is going to be an amazing

 Expect Miracles!

Find all the Book of Mormon's! #missionarylife

 This week I finished the Book of Mormon! I read from a paperback copy
and I marked every reference to Christ in it! It is a very orange Book
of Mormon! Every page is full of testimony if the Savior! I have come
so close to Him while reading the Book of Mormon these past couple
months! Now I am reading it again and marking everything about
Patience because that is the Christlike Attribute I struggle most
with. (I took the Christlike Attribute test from Preach My Gospel) I
will let you know how it goes!

I love you all!

Love, Sister Burton

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