Sister Burton

Sister Burton

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Shule the King! June 23, 2015

Welp I had such a great and long  email written up and sent it and it
didn't send and it is gone. I don't do technology. So here is my short

 This week was great!
K, Au, and D are all doing great!
It rained a lot this week! I loved it!
We played Ultimate Frisbee last Pday it was so fun! We are playing
again that is why I have to run!

 In my studies this week I read Ether 7 which talks about Shule the
King who stands up for his beliefs regardless of what everyone else
thinks! You should all read it! I love King Shule!

 Well sorry this is tiny.
I love you all!

love, Sister Burton

For Kaylee - There were Demontors in
 Edmonton this week!

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