Sister Burton

Sister Burton

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Sturgeon Adventures!

This week was really great! (Like Always!) We had some amazing lessons with Less Active members! This week at church 4 LA's came!!! It was amazing!!! 

Me and Sis. Gunnell with Sturgeon in the background

We got a new Ward Mission Leader this week so it has been a weird transition week. But really good! I think he will be a great Ward Mission Leader! 

Me looking over my kingdom!

We officially started Facebook this week! So weird! It is going to be an excellent finding and teaching tool once we get all of the members on board! :) Feel free to comment, like and especially SHARE my posts or the posts I share! :) Let the world be flooded by spiritual messages!

Car Selfie
This week we received a referral for a Lady who lives out in Legal. Which is a tiny town 40 minutes from St. Albert. We had supper with a member out in Legal. Then drove to the lady's house. She wasn't home :( So we had to drive home in the dark, foggy, snowy night. I thought we were going to get lost. She lived on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere. But after much praying and driving we found our way home! Hooray!!
Driving in Legal.  This is what the town looks like...nothing!
Well I love you all! 
Graffiti made for me and Becca :) BK>>
Love, Sister Burton xoxo

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