Sister Burton

Sister Burton

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Service, Singing and Chocolate!

Hello! This week has been great! The temperature has been a little cold still but the past two days have really started to get warmer. Still jacket weather though. But not freezing. I have worn my wool tights once. haha.

This week I went on exchanges! It was so fun! I was with Sister Speth in the Londonderry area! Still in the Edmonton area but east a ways. Sister Speth is fantastic! She went to Snow and we know a lot of the same people! Londonderry is a poorer part of Edmonton so that was neat to see something different because Sturgeon is very wealthy. It is very fun to see how other missionaries do the work. It was really good to get some more ideas of what we could do here in Sturgeon.

Sis Burton and Sis Speth on splits

This week we had another lesson with Adrienne and Kalen. It was fantastic! We taught about Faith and Repentance. We thought that it would be a short lesson because they pretty much believe the same things about Faith and Repentance but it was still like an hour and fifteen minutes. They are THE best! They invited us over for supper next week and I am super excited. Adrienne asked what kinds of food we can have and we told her not coffee or tea or drugs...haha. She said, "Can you have chocolate??" haha yes we can. They are too funny! Next time we meet we are teaching the last half of lesson 3; Baptism, Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End. I can't wait!

After Adrienne and Kalen's we went to Tim Horton's (a cute cafe that they have EVERYWHERE here) to meet one of our less actives Sonia. She is from the Philippines living here to earn money. She brought the little girl that she nannies, Autumn, who is seven. Autumn is so cute! She loves us! I gave her a CTR ring and she loved it! Her parents are athiest but she believes in God and Jesus Christ. Sonia really wants us to teach Autumn's family and I think Autumn really wants us to teach them also!

On Friday we met with a potential named Dave. We took Sister Creighton with us.It was an interesting lesson. He is creepy. He was super bugged that Sister Creighton was there because she is an older lady and he kept hitting on Sister Budge and I. He is married and has a child. It was the worst. He asked us to come back and we said yes but we are going to send the Elders haha.

Yesterday I had the marvelous opportunity of singing in Relief Society...In a trio...I don't sing. This is the second time on my mission that I have had to sing in front of people in a small group. Not all Sister Missionaries can sing! Haha it was fine. Sister Budge reassures me everyday that I am not bad at singing (I sing a lot with her) but I know she is lying. haha.

Sis. Budge and Sis. Burton eating lunch in the church parking lot

Sis. Budge, Sis. Burton, Sis. Manion, Pres. Manion, Elder Garver and
Elder Bastain (Elder serving in Sturgeon with us)

On Saturday we had a New Missionary Follow Up Meeting on the southside of Edmonton. So I got to drive through the whole city! It was beautiful! I loved it! I got to see the Saskatchewan River that goes through the city and go over the famous bridge (I forgot the name of it.). I love Edmonton. Family we are taking a trip up here in the summer of 2016!

High Level Bridge in Edmonton
spanning the Saskatchewan River

High Level Bridge in Edmonton

We have a meeting with Charissa tonight! She has forgotten our last 2 appointments so hopefully she doesn't forget! But we are going to be talking about baptism because she is praying for a date! Hooray! She is amazing!

We are still trying to get ahold of Dallas. She is nowhere to be found. We called the Bishop that referred her to us and he works with her so he is going to talk to her. Hopefully she gets back to us this week!


We are on week 6 of the transfer! I cannot believe that! Next week is transfers! I doubt that I will get transferred but some of the Elders might. :( I only have 7 more weeks in training! hallelujah! I dont really love training. It is good but not the most wonderful thing ever. haha :)

This morning we did a day of service at the rock garden with our whole district it was so fun! A company came and did a day of service and so we know the rock garden inside and out so we went to show them around and talk to people. It was really good to get the name of the church out there and we gave a few pass along cards out with our phone numbers. That is the reason I didn't think I would be emailing today but we finished early so we were able to email!

Sis Budge and Sis Burton with two ladies we met at the Rock Garden
(Val and Christina)

Our District - Elder Taylor (Zone Leader), Elder Allen, Elder Bastian,
Elder Murray (Zone Leader),
Elder Larsen (District Leader), Elder Garver, Sis. Burton, and Sis. Budge

I hope you all had a great week! And I have a lot of pictures this week so get ready! Love you all!

Love, Sister Burton xoxo

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