Sister Burton

Sister Burton

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

What a week!

This week has been great! But nothing has gone the way we planned. It is crazy we had to resort to our back  ups back ups back ups plan..haha
Monday night we were invited to come to a little ward FHE and we played kickball skirts and all. It was way fun! My ward is absolutely amazing! They are so focused on missionary work and love the Missionaries. Because there are two sets in our ward. Me and Sister Budge and Elder Garver and Elder Bastian. I love those Elders!
Tuesday was nuts. We had so much to do but every thing fell through. We did service at the Rock Garden and place where special needs people can come and garden. It is so fun! Then we were going to see Ted but the Sister that was going to come with us cancelled so we couldn't go because of numbers. There always has to be at least 3 people of one gender. So Ted is a boy so we needed to take a girl with us to make 3 girls. Then all of our lessons cancelled except for supper, thank goodness! But none of the less actives or potentials were home. So we did a lot of finding that day.
Wednesday was about the same haha. Sister Stonehocker was available to come with us to see Ted so we went but he was already moved :( So we went back home ate lunch and cleaned our apartment up a bit. It had been lived in for 2 years by missionaries so it was very gross...And it collected a lot of stuff. That night we met with Adrienne and Kaelin!! I love them! They are so great! They ask really sincere, honest, curious questions! We took the Sharpe's with us a couple I absolutely adore. I would go to them for anything! Sister Sharpe is like my third mother. Sister Leduc being the second. haha.
Thursday was district meeting. I have the best district ever! They are all so great and we all get along so well! Actually right after emailing we are all going to go do service together! Then we had interviews with President Manion! I love him! He is the greatest and Sister Manion is so cute!
Friday everything fell through so we spent a lot of time Weekly Planning and getting ready to move. And Saturday. All morning we moved and then we had an appointment with Dallas Quinn. (Becca how weird is that??) She is amazing! She is so spiritual and really wants to hear what we have to say! I see a lot of potential in her! After teaching her we went back to the apartment to clean. Drove to Edmonton to have Supper. Drove back to St. Albert to clean. Then back to Edmonton to go to bed.
And Sunday. Sundays are great here! They are packed but great! We have church at 9. then ward correlation at 12-1 Studies until supper then tracting time. We met with a lady on Sunday night who I will never go back to again. After meeting with her I felt awful so we called the zone leaders and they gave me a blessing. I feel so much better now. I have learned so much being out on my mission it is amazing. The thing that really sticks out to me is how loving God is. He watches over us and blesses us in so many ways every single day. He is so mindful of our needs. And he has given us the priesthood to bless us. The priesthood is amazing! I cannot even comprehend God's love for us because of everything he has given us. We are so blessed.
Yesterday I finally saw the infamous bunnies everyone here talks about because they are everywhere apparently...I haven't seen them till now! I was sooooo happy they were so cute and large!
Hey one piece of advice. If you are writing me a letter please put dates on them because it takes so long for me to get them that I don't know when it was written.
I love being a missionary and I am so grateful for everyone of  you! I would love to hear from you! I have a lot of time to email so I would love to get emails from you! Love you so much!
PS. Read Moroni 8:3. So good and so true.
PPS If you wrote me an email and I didn't respond to you I did not get it. I have responded to every email I have received as of September 2 at 11:47am. Send it again and I will respond!  Love you all!
Love, Sister Burton

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