Sister Burton

Sister Burton

Monday, August 25, 2014


Hello Everyone!
This week was great! I am sorry for last weeks email it was very short and not very descriptive. I thought I had way less time than I really did. So this week I will explain a lot more and hopefully entertain you with my stories.  

So after emailing last week we went grocery shopping. Canada is expensive. A gallon or litre or something is like 5 bucks. Way expensive here. We thought we had a lot of food at our apartment but were wrong.....This past week our main food that we eat for lunch is spaghetti noodles, without sauce. Just the noodles. We have no food! Luckily the ward is super supportive so we have suppers almost every night! So we don't starve!
My favorite road in Canada
We have three investigators but I still have not met any of them. They disappeared. We haven't dropped them yet but we might. So this week was focused on FINDING! And miracles happened this week! Monday night we were tracting and we tracted into a couple who let us in! Adrienne and Kaelin! They are the best! They aren't exactly interested in switching religions....yet...but they will be. They are soooo intelligent. They ask the most interesting questions. They both studies religions so they have read the BOM. But just for class not for learning. So we are teaching them! We taught them the Restoration. Their biggest problem with the Restoration is that they believe that there are no prophets after Christ. So they don't believe JS was a prophet. We will convince them otherwise. We have been studying The Plan of Salvation so well so that when we teach them next we will be ready for their questions! We called them on Saturday to set up and appointment and they were sooooo excited. We gave them all of our pamphlets at our first lesson and they asked for more so we need to find more. I love them!

Our ward has soooo many less actives so we visit quite a few every week. On Wednesday we visited a less active I will call her Y.  She has one cat and when I left I was covered in cat hair. Sheila you would have loved it. haha! She was very nice! But I couldn't handle the cats or the smells....
Sis. Budge and Sis. Burton

On Wednesday we visited our Ward Mission Leader and he told us the greatest news! He has been working with his neighbor Pam and on Tuesday night she came over and asked him to give her a blessing because he offered one a while ago and she remembered about it and wanted one. So he gave her one and also invited her to meet with us and read the BOM and she said yes!! So we are going to hopefully meet her this week and start teaching her!
I don't remember if I told you about Ted. But I will again. I love Ted. He is a less active living in the hospital. He has such a sweet spirit and I love him so much! We visit him every week and he loves it! This week he told us he was moving on Wednesday. And it just about broke my heart. So we are going to visit him one last time tomorrow...He brightens my whole week! I am so sad he is moving!
Sis. Burton, Ted, Sis. Budge

On Saturday we helped out at a funeral. It was weird. I don't like non Mormon funerals. It was for a member in our wards father who is not a member. Sister Budge played the violin at the funeral and we helped serve the food at the luncheon. It was weird but hopefully we planted a seed in the hearts of his family.

I love being a missionary and I am learning so much from everyone around me! I love and miss you all! I hope you have a wonderful week!
Love, Sister Burton

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