Sister Burton

Sister Burton

Friday, August 1, 2014

MTC Day 1&2

Today is not my P-day but I am aloud to send you a quick little email telling you that I am okay!  My P-day is Wednesday!  So I will write you a more thought out email then.  I love the MTC!  I am learning so much from everyone I meet and everything we do!  The Spirit all over this campus is amazing! 

My companion is Sis. Rigby and she is going to Seattle Washington.  The other two girls in my district are Sis. Jones and Sis. Rush.  They are both going to Edmonton.  The Elders in  my district are going to Washington too.  But there are 6 Elders in my Zone who are going to Edmonton.  I will get flight plans on Saturday so I will tell you more details on P-day!  Being with a companion everyday is a little rough but its okay!  Shower time is my favorite time because I can be alone. Haha!  I love you so much and I will give you more details next week!  Don't worry about me I am absolutely fine!  LOVE YOU!

Sis Burton

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