Sister Burton

Sister Burton

Monday, August 18, 2014

Canada Bound

Sis. Rush, Sis. Burton, Sis. Jones

Man oh man! I love being a missionary! The last few days at the MTC were amazing! I loved my district! It was so hard to say goodbye to the elders! 

My MTC District
The night before we left. Me Sister Jones and Sister Rush did not sleep. We stayed awake all night packing and cleaning. We had to be on the bus at 2:30 am. Yuck. Our flight to Denver left at 5:45. We were delayed of course do airplanes ever leave on time? No. When we landed in Denver we had to run to our other plane because of course it was on the other side of the airport. But we made it. And that flight was delayed for an hour. Lame.

Sis. Jones, Sis. Rush and Sis. Burton at the Salt Lake International Airport
But we finally landed and met the mission president and his wife. President and Sister Manion. They are the cutest things ever! We stayed the night at the mission home which is an actual house. Who knew?

Sis. Budge, Sis. Burton, Sis. and Pres. Manion
And then the next day we found out our companions and where we were going. So where am I you might ask??

I am in Sturgeon! It is a ward in St. Albert, north of Edmonton. We cover 1 ward and it is pretty big.  My companion is Sister Budge from Logan Ut and she is the cutest thing ever! I love her so much! We get along really well!!

So some things about Canada. I am the designated driver so that stinks but oh well. And they drive soooooooo slow here. The fastest I have seen on the Highways was 100 kmh. (60 mph). But on just regular roads it is usually 50-60 kmh. or 30-40 ish mph. Soo slow all the time! It is nuts. 

Sis. Budge and Sis. Burton 
Our apartment is a dump. But luckily we are moving out on August 30 into a members home so that should be nice.

Right now we have 3 investigators but none of them will get back to us. So we might drop them :( I have never met any of them. This ward has soooo many less actives so we teach them a lot a lot a lot. We have a fantastic ward! We have suppers almost every night! They are such good fellowshippers and I love them all!

The mosquitos here are crazy. I look like I have leprosy on my legs. So many bites. And cortizone 10 is my life saver! There is one family in our ward that I absolutely adore the Leduc's they let us do our laundry every week and feed us once a week! They are amazing! Mom. They are coming to Utah next week and they said they would bring you a letter from me! How nice! If you meet them! Send the package with them!! I don't need anything else!

Sis. Budge

Being a missionary is amazing! I can memorize so many things! It is awesome! I don't have much time hopefully next week will have more details. Love you all!

Love, Sister Burton


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