Sister Burton

Sister Burton

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

MTC Week 1

(My Zone at the Provo Temple)
I love the MTC! The spirit here is so amazing! I have learned so much in the past week that I am not even the same person. I am a person who is not very good at teaching the gospel but is improving. I have definitely had to learn humility and selflessness because this work is not about me.

Last night we had a devotional with Bruce C. Hafen, an emeritus general authority, and it was really good! He talked about why we, as missionaries, go through the temple before we go on a mission. It was interesting. I forgot my notes but read D&C 109 if you want to learn of blessings that come from going through the temple! 

(Me and Sis. Rigby)
The food here is decent. We usually have 3-4 choices every meal so that is nice and I can usually find something that I like to eat. I eat the freshly cut pineapple every single meal because it is delicious!!! Holy moly it is amazing! And seriously everyone says the chocolate milk is good but oh man it is more than that, it is sent from Heaven. It is glorious. And the cookies. Man, I am going to get fat. haha. 

My companion, Sister Rigby, and I are two totally different people we have nothing in common but we are making it work and we are really good together when teaching. She has such a powerful testimony but she is shy so I do most of the talking which is hard. I love my district! They are amazing and we have so much fun together. There are 4 Sisters and 4 Elders. The Elders and Sister Rigby are heading to Seattle Washington and me, Sister Jones and Sister Rush are going to Edmonton! 
(My District)
Our flight for Edmonton leaves Tuesday morning at 5:00 am. So me and the sisters have to go to the travel office at 2:30 am. That means that we have to wake up at like 1:30. yuck. We have a short layover in Denver so I will probably call for a very short time before my first flight so it will be early in the morning sorry!

I have been teaching 2 investigators. One is Charlie (my teacher Sister Killpack) and the other one is a legitimate investigator Lawanna. We have taught Charlie 3 times and and Lawanna twice. We got both of them to pray yesterday which was so amazing! It is amazing to teach by the spirit and know exactly what they need to hear. They both agreed to continue reading the Book of Mormon and pray about it! It is so exciting! I love seeing the happiness the experience when they feel the spirit and taste of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
(Sis. Rigby, Sis. Jones, Sis. Rush, Sis. Burton)
Yesterday we read the BOM as a district and in like 45 minutes read one chapter. We started in 1 Nephi 1. You should all read that chapter and look at the many many similarities between Nephi and Joseph Smith! It is amazing! The BOM really is a blueprint for our day. Starting with Joseph Smith. Amazing! 
(Sis. Rigby, Sis. Rush, Sis. Jones, Sis. Burton)
The first morning we were here me and the other sisters in my room were in the bathroom brushing our teeth when we realized that we were locked out of our room. We are all in PJ's no name tag, no shoes. Locked out. So we went to our cute Sister Training Leader and asked her what we should do. She ran to the main building 1M for us and got us a spare key. Man, of course, that would happen to me. haha but we were still early to class and we looked decent that day. 
 (My Room)
(My space)
I have the worlds most amazing teachers. Sister Ogletree (served in Independence, Missouri) and Sister Killpack (served in New Zealand). They are so amazing and I learn so much from them every single time they open their mouth. It is amazing! 
(Our classroom)
My schedule almost everyday is as follows:
6:00 Wake Up and get ready.
7:00 Personal Study Time
8:00 Breakfast
8:30 Gym time! (One of my favorite times in the day! )
9:50-12:50 Class with Sister Ogletree
12:50 Lunch
1:30-4:30 Class with Sister Killpack (teach Charlie)
4:45-5:30 Teach Lawanna
5:45 Dinner
6:30 Personal Study Time
7:30 District Study Time
8:10 Zone Teaching
9:00 Planning
9:30 Return to Residence and get ready for Bed. 
10:30 Lights out.
and repeat!
(Sis. Kempner and Sis. Burton, a little love from home!)
Alexis and Kenzee are friends and were roommates at Snow last year.  They went to the MTC the same day.  Sis. Kempner is going to Sapporo, Japan.

When I fly to Edmonton there is 24 of us going there. I only know of 9 of us so it will be fun to meet the other 19! I am so excited! My next Pday will probably not be for a little while but just know that I love you all! I love being here and my life is so blessed being here! 
(Sis. Rush, Sis. Jones and Sis. Burton all going to Edmonton, Canada)
Love you soooooooo much! 
Love, Sister Burton

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