Sister Burton

Sister Burton

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Tender Mercies! September 8, 2015

Hello! Well today is the first day of school in Edmonton so welcome to school zones. Everywhere.  Can I just say that I don't like Canadian school zones. They aren't like Utah when they have flashing lights going only during pick up and drop off times. No, they go from 8-4 everyday.

 Anyways off that tangent and on to my week! This week was great, as per usual. So many little tender mercies! Such as, N and K. So I don't remember if I told you a back story so bear with me if I did. N is a less active member who has been a member his whole life. He went inactive over 20 years ago. He and K have both been divorced before and they married each other in their late 50's, early60's. In the beginning of August N decided that he was going to start coming to church again. He said he has been thinking about it for years. He has come every single week since he made that decision and K has been coming with him. They invited us to come over every Thursday for supper and a lesson. N is a world class chef. His food is sooooo amazing! He cooked as head chef for Circus Circus for like 20 years! Yum! This last week we started teaching K. It was a super good lesson! On Sunday N bore his testimony! It was amazing!! He said that he had a dream about baptizing his wife <3 after sacrament meeting he was talking to a member of the bishopric (the same one who laughed at us all of sacrament meeting last week as we babysat A and Ar)  and he looked at us and he said that we were two of his favourite people in the whole world. Ah man I just love them so so much!! I have seen so many miracles associated with them. Especially that guess what? Their records were in St. Albert and we stopped by them so many times and then we figured out they had moved. They lived in Southern Alberta for a year then moved to Millwoods. Miracles!!

Sister Training Leaders

 We went on exchanges this week with Lacombe, it was super great!
Lacombe Sisters

 S/O to Kamree for her BIRTHDAY!

Love ya!

Love, Sister Burton xoxo

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