Sister Burton

Sister Burton

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Miracles Happen September 1, 2015

Hello! This week was super good! Sister H is amazing! I love her so much! She is from Fallon, Nevada and has been out for 10 months! We have been working super hard
and we have seen so many miracles!!
Sis. H and I

 So now on to a funny story. Sister H and I were asked to be the greeters for the day at church and so when the meeting started we sat right by the door. And we saw A walk into church!! So we walked
into the foyer to meet her. Her grandpa, who is a member, brought her and her little brother Ar. A hugged me and then Ar, whom I have never met, hugged me as well. So we walked into sacrament
meeting and sat down only to find out that their grandpa sat at the back of the chapel and we were stuck with A and Ar, a 9 year old and a 6 year old... Oh boy. So the announcements ended and we
started singing the opening hymn. Half way through the song I knew we were in trouble. There was no way these two kids were gonna sit still the entire sacrament meeting. Haha so I got my thinking cap on and tried to think of things I could do to keep them occupied. So after the opening prayer I asked Ar to find a hymn number 210 in the hymnbook. That kept him occupied for about 2 minutes. Sister missionaries are not equipped to entertain kids quietly for an hour so we got creative. So I gave him some stickers, he colored in my planner, we played "I Spy", he watched the Restoration silently on my iPad, he tried to download some games (haha not on a missionary iPad),and took some pictures with Photo Booth. And probably more. Don't ask me what the talks were about because I have no idea but I do know that a member of the bishopric had a good laugh the entire time!
I can definitely wait to be a mother.
Ar taking pictures on PhotoBooth

 Yesterday we did our booth again but we did it a little differently.
There was 6 missionaries there, so we sang hymns with a guitar while one sister talked to people. It was super fun! It wasn't as successful as our other booth #peoplelikelemonade but it was still really good and a lot of people enjoyed the singing!

 Also miracles happened this week!! Here is one: we went over to C's on Sunday night and we were able to talk to her husband, S, for a good chunk of time. Especially considering it was about
fishing and golf, both of which I have zero interest in. But S has never really talked to the Sisters until the last couple months! And he invited us over for his birthday supper! Wahoo! During supper he tried to set me up with his son...he even ambushed hugged me and we have some inside jokes now. You could say we are pretty tight. "Miracles happen once in a while, when you believe!"
 Well I hope y'all have a good week! S/O to my amazing parents who have
 been married for 25 years this week!!  Love ya!

Love, Sister Burton
Sis. R is now a trainer so I am a grandma!
Sis. L, Sis. R and Sis. B
Sis. Meleen from the Gateway YSA
We are name twins and BFF's

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