Sister Burton

Sister Burton

Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Second to Last Melon February 2 , 2016

Holy moly! I just continue learning more and more every single day! And seeing more miracles every single day! This week was amazing!

1 more week!

On Wednesday we drove out to Loon Lake to teach M and the B's. We had an appointment with M set up but we have been unable to get in contact with the B's. As we were driving into town we called M to get her address. As we were talking to her she asked if we could meet another day. We were not about to let that happen we drove an hour and a half to meet with her. So we just kept talking to her and told her we would pray with her and eventually she gave us her address. I am pretty sure that neither us nor M knew what had just happened, everything was totally led by the Holy Ghost! We had the most amazing lesson with her! The Spirit was so strong! She is so prepared! She is a First Nation, so we testified about the Book of Mormon and told her about her ancestors! She asked us to bring more Book of Mormon's to give to some other people of the Reserve! Yay!! Hopefully we can start teaching all of her friends out there! 

That same day, we finally got in contact with the F family. We have been trying to meet with them in ages! They are a part member family, the husband is a member and the wife is not. So we finally got to meet with them and ask E if she wanted to learn more. She said yes! She said she doesn't feel very comfortable at church because she doesn't know anyone! We told her we can fix that! We will start bringing people to the lessons so she can meet them! I love when people have simple concerns that we can help resolve with the help of the Holy Ghost!

Sis. To took over the reigns of to learn the area!

We were able to meet with so many people this week. The Lord was truly guiding us in where to go and what to do! I wish I had time to tell you about everyone! They are all so amazing!

Friday we were able to meet with the Bar's, J and D! We talked about happiness and how God didn't design us to be sad. So we need to be doing the things he has asked us to in order to be happy! And they set family goals! Their 6 year old daughter, R, came up with most of the goals with help from her dad. Haha :) They are amazing! 

On Sunday we taught combined Priesthood/Relief Society about our Ward Mission Plan! It was really good! We had a lot of participation and I really felt the Spirit so I hope everyone else did. We watched a Mormon Message called "Reach Out With Love" and it is so good!! You should all watch it! 

Well that was my week in a very small nutshell. I want you all to know that I KNOW that our Savior loves us! He is there for us every minute of every day. I know that we are never alone! I have gained a huge testimony this week of the reality of our Savior's love for us! He is there! 

The signs you are driving into Cold Lake...
Cold Lake Air Force Base

I love you all! 
Love, Sister Burton

Beautiful pictures of the Canadian Sky for y'all to enjoy!

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