Sister Burton

Sister Burton

Monday, November 17, 2014

Another Awesome Week!

This week was super great! Sister Gunnell and I are just rocking the missionary work together! We contacted so many less actives that the ward doesn't know! It is so amazing! Everyone was so willing to meet with us last week! Hopefully they continue to have an open heart! The miracles happening in Sturgeon are amazing! The ward is really pumped about missionary work and they are so willing to come with us to lessons and give us referrals!

Sis. Burton and Sis. Gunnell

This week we met with a Less Active in the Mission Hill Ward who lives in Morinville, which is like 30 minutes from St. Albert! Haha I don't know why it was so exciting to go out there but it was!! Heidi is the less actives name and she has a little girl who is not a member named Joy she is 11. We made cupcakes with Joy and chatted about the New Testament.

Fun in the Church Library making copies!

My iPod stopped working a while ago but it is working again! I am so happy! Missionary work with music is so much better than missionary work without. :)

Sunday Stewardship calls with the District Leader

Sister Gunnell are going to buy matching Pajama pants and create a companion Christmas Card :) Hopefully we will still be together for Christmas! Transfers are the week before so hopefully we stay together 2 transfers!

Cool Alberta Train Car

I can't get over how amazing this week was! We set up so many appointments for last week and this week as well! There were a couple days when we had appointments from 2 pm-8pm! It is amazing! We have never seen that much success in this area! And everything is just getting better! Heavenly Father is really preparing the people in the Sturgeon Area! We just need to find them!

Cool Building in Edmonton

Adrienne and Kalen set up an appointment with us but not until January 8...haha Kalen said, "This is going to sound really pathetic but we are busy until the New Year. So how does January 8 at 7:00 sound??" haha I said that that sounds great. Hopefully I am still here! We talked to Cali and she was so willing to let us come over this week! We are going over Friday. We are in charge of Young Womens/Young Mens this week so hopefully we can get her to come to that! Patty missed our appointment on Thursday :( and she won't answer our calls.

Smarties in Canada are chocolate.  Rockets in Canada are American Smarties

This week was Remembrance Day. Everyone wears little Poppies on their shirts. We went to the Parade. Which was out in front of City Hall and all the Veterans and active members walk down the street and everyone claps. Then we all sang "O, Canada" together and they had a little program. It was freezing outside but it was sooo cool to see the Canadian Pride! I love Canadians! And I love the song "O, Canada!" We sing it at every transfer meeting and Zone Conference! I have it memorized! :) Not much is new. I know there is a lot to say but I am drawing a blank, haha :) Have a fantastic week!! I love you all!
Car ride fun!

Beautiful Winter in St Albert

Love, Sister Burton xoxo

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