Sister Burton

Sister Burton

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Crazy Week! May 19, 2015


This week was crazy! But that is okay! It was amazing!
We were able to meet with most of our investigators!!

Au is still doing amazing! She is getting baptized on June 6th and she is so excited! We meet with her multiple times a week and she is continuing to read the Book of Mormon! She is amazing!

We had an amazing lesson with A! She has figured out that in order to get anything from coming to church and meeting with us she has to put work in! The difference from the last time we met with her to this time was huge! It was incredible! I am so excited for her! She is amazing!
AND WE MET WITH K! And it was such an amazing lesson! We talked about the love of God and President Uchtodorf's talk "Living the Gospel Joyful"!! It was amazing! The spirit was so strong and she loved it! She has been coming to FHE every week and last week she came and played soccer with us and 4 other sets of missionaries and she loved it!! She has been prepared the last couple months and I think she is ready now! Blessings!
The River Valley Sisters are living with us again, there was a big fiasco with the people that they lived with so President Manion is moving them out and they are living with us until they can find them a new apartment! It is crazy but fun!

This Thursday we are having a whole Mission Conference! We have never been together as a whole mission before we are usually split in half! I am so excited!! Elder Brent H Nielson of the Seventy is coming and Brother Kelend Mills of the International Missionary Department are coming to give us training on iPads! It is going to be interesting but I am so excited!!! I love you all!
Love, Sister Burton xoxo

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