Sister Burton

Sister Burton

Monday, May 4, 2015

Miracle are continuing! May 4, 2015

And the miracles are continuing! But seriously this week was fantastic! So so many miracles!

Miracle #1 D spoke in Stake Conference. Yes, that is right, Stake Conference. And she did AMAZING! She told about her conversion story and how she found joy in the gospel! I was almost in tears. She is so fabulous! She missed church last week because she was throwing up and she felt so terrible. We helped her to realize that it is okay to miss church when you are really sick. haha. I just love her!

Miracle #2 We were stopping by a former investigator and his sister, Ki, answered the door. She said that she had listened to the missionaries once with her brother. We asked if she would be interested in meeting with us and learning more and she said Yes! But that is not all. 20 minutes after we had stopped by she texted us telling us how glad she was to have met us and how excited she was to meet with us! Still not all. A couple of days later she texted us and told us that she hadn't forgotten about us she was just trying to figure out a time that worked for her and her friend was wanted to learn as well! What? So amazing! Hopefully we will be able to teach Ki and her friend this week!
Miracle #3 We had a skype lesson with Kr! How cool is that? She wanted us to teach her the Law of Chastity and the Word of Wisdom before she had to meet with Elders down in Medicine Hat. She didn't want to have the Elders teach her the Law of Chastity because she said that would be awkward for everyone. haha :) It was so weird to have a lesson over skype but it is amazing that we are able to do that! The Lord has provided us with such amazing tools to share the gospel with!

Miracle #4 We met with Am again this week and she has progressed so much! She listens to Conference talks every single day, she came to Stake Conference, and she is reading from the Book of Mormon daily! It is truly amazing what the Lord can do to those who are have a sincere heart and real intent!

Miracle #5 Ka came to FHE last week and loved it! And after a week of not being able to get ahold of her we stopped by her house yesterday and she let us in to chat! She is coming to FHE tonight and we have an appointment scheduled for tomorrow! She has amazing fellowshippers who text her and invite her to activities and church. Her mom is willing to meet with the Sisters in the family ward which just so happens to be Sister Wa. So hopefully she will go to church with them on Sunday! Ka is slowly progressing but she is progressing! 

Miracle #6 We met with Au 3 times this last week! We have asked her everytime about baptism and everytime she would bring up her family. She doesn't think that they will want to learn about it and she is so close to her family. I asked her if she prayed and received and answer that she needed to be baptized would she and she said she would! We went to her house yesterday and taught about Baptism, the Holy Ghost and Enduring to the End. I asked her what was holding her back from being baptized and she said, "Nothing is holding me back now." We were so surprised! She was praying Saturday night and she received the answer that she needed to baptized! She knows that everything will work out with her family and that this is what she needs to do!! She has continued to read the Book of Mormon she is now in 2 Nephi 25. She has only been reading it for 2 weeks! She is absolutely amazing! The Lord is preparing people to hear the restored gospel we just need find them and share it with them! D&C 31:7 <3
I love you all!

Love, Sister Burton xoxo

Selfie in front of the temple/Riverbend Stake Center with a bunny!
They are literally everywhere!

Sis. Wa, Sis. Ra, Sis. Ho, Sis. Burton
Selfie by the temple!

A store named after Dad!

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