Sister Burton

Sister Burton

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

December 8, 2015 This is not a video!

Hey hey! Man it has been forever since I have written a mass email. I
kinda miss it. Oh well. Well, we got distracted by basketball today,
and by we I mean me, so I forgot to send this. But I am doing super
good! This week was great! We were able to meet with a lot of less
actives that we haven't seen in a long time!
We met with all of the laurels, all 2 of them, and shared an awesome
video with them called "Reach Out With Love" it is on
and it is super good. And then we asked if the would like to come to
lessons with us! I love working with the young women it makes me
sooooo happy! They both said yes so now we are going to take them
Caroling Tracting with us, hopefully this week!
We had interviews with President this week! I sure love President
Manion, except I did not like this interview. All he talked about was
me going home. President...
We also reviewed the Plan of Salvation with Ashaya and Armani! It was
probably the cutest thing ever to watch Ashaya explain the Plan of
Salvation to us, don't worry I filmed the whole thing!
We also stopped by quite a few unknown less actives on our Ward list,
one of which was a huge creeper. He told us he was on the No Contact
List and we apologized for stopping by and he said, "Oh, it's okay,
you're pretty so that makes up for it." Then he went on to ask how
many people try and pick us up everyday. We left swiftly after that!
We had MLC this week! Super great! We talked about faith and the
calling down the powers of heaven! You should all definitely read an
article by Bruce R. McConkie called "Why The Lord Ordained Prayer"
from the January 1976 Ensign, super long but super good!!
We still only have the car half the week and it continues to be the
greatest thing! I LOVE bussing and walking, we get to talk to way more
people!! It is a glorious thing!
We did service at the Ronald McDonald House on Saturday and it made my
heart so happy! I love that place! Heavenly Father definitely had a
hand in creating that!
And Cheryl came to church again! And we went to her house on Sunday
night and guess what?!? Shawn sat in on the lesson! Ahhhh! It was so
amazing! Prayers are answered! God loves us!
Welp. This has been a super good week! This next week is gonna be even
better, we have so many Christmas Parties! Christmas is such an
amazing time of year because everyone is joyful and Christ is on
everyone's mind! If you haven't watched the new Christmas video on, do it! It is so good! Explore that website there
are so many good things! I especially like the video called "Why We
Need A Saviour" or something.
I love y'all! Have a great week!

Love, Sister Burton

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