Sister Burton

Sister Burton

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

It's Christmas Time Again! December 22, 2015

Hey family! Can you believe it is Christmas time again? It is wonderful! It's the most wonderful time of the year!! We went on exchanges this week with the Bearspaw Sisters! They are a walking area and holy moly it was SOO cold on Thursday and Friday! and we walked all over creation. I thought my face was going to fall off and my hands and my legs. Haha at one point we were running to get
there faster and get our hearts beating faster. Haha :) but I survived and it wasn't even that cold compared to what it will get in January and February...

Our adventure in the woods this morning.  We went hiking-ish!

We helped set up for a Filipino Christmas Party on Saturday! That was a lot of fun! We didn't get to go to the party but it looked like the were gonna have a lot of fun! We have been able to work with so many less actives! On Sunday evening we met with two new less actives! We were planning on stopping by a lot of people and the only two doors we knocked on let us in and we were able to share a message with them! It was such a wonderful evening! We had a cottage meeting this week! It was so great! It was at our Ward Mission Leaders house and we watched "A Savior is Born" and two
other videos and had a discussion about the Savior then played some games! We had quite a few less actives come and some Ward missionaries come! It was a nice safe place where less actives could meet members and mingle! I have trying to plan a Cottage Meeting for 8 months and it finally happened!! Hooray!

C is doing super good! She really wants to get baptized but she is still struggling to stop smoking so we asked her if she wanted us to go over ARP(Addiction Recovery Program) with us and she agreed They have ARP groups every week and she went to one but she didn't like all the people there. So we are going to have her come over to an ARP missionary's house and we will go over the program with her! Hopefully this will help her progress even closer to baptism! Shawn is doing really good too! :)

This is A.  She is one of the Less Actives we were working with.
She is sooo sweet.  She is from China but really likes Sisters over
Elders so the Mandarin Elders let us teach her.  She is moving
tomorrow :( but she is moving into Sis. R's area so she will be
in good hands!

This is N, the Ward Mission Leaders daughter.  We are best
friends and she has the same nightgown Rickee used to have
so I had to take a picture!

Well I know that a lot more happened this week but my mind is blank. The Lord loves us! He blesses us so much! Let's celebrate Christ's birth by sharing it with others! That's what I'll be doing! Happy
Christmas Everyone! I sure love you!

Love, Sister Burton

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