Sister Burton

Sister Burton

Wednesday, December 31, 2014


This week was amazing! It was super slow as far as teaching goes but it was amazing in every other aspect! Because Christmas was on Thursday we had District Meeting on Tuesday! We gave each of the Elders a St. Albert Pin. But we didn't just give them a pin, we gave them a pin stuck in jello. :) It was the funniest thing I have ever seen! They loved it!


Elder Allen and Elder Albertsen getting ready to eat their jello

The members were so amazing this week! We went Christmas lights looking on Tuesday night with the V's after supper with their non-member friend K, we went to the F's on Tuesday to drop off a Christmas card and their 3 kids put on the Nativity play for us! It was the cutest thing I have ever seen! J, 7, was the Narrator, angel, and the donkey, O, 5, was Joseph and the angel, and A,3, was Mary.  They have a brand new baby sister, L, who was going to be baby Jesus but she was sleeping so they made a baby Jesus out of paper. It was the greatest Nativity I have ever seen! 

In Canada they have little poppers that you pull
and get a crown and little toy.
On Christmas Eve we had supper at the LD's and played games with them after! It was so much fun! We played a game called Dutch Blizt and me and Sister G killed it! We won! It was so much fun! On Christmas we went over to the V's to skype and then they fed us Breakfast we got to watch their family open their presents. I got to take pictures! It was so fun!! We went to the S's for supper and had Chinese takeout! It was the best! We played way fun games with them as well! One was called Hilarium. Look it up and play it. It was so much fun! I lost my voice :) 

Opening presents on Christmas morning
On Saturday we moved a lady into our ward and she asked so many questions about what we do and wants to come to church next week when she gets back from her trip! I am so excited for her to come! She moved in next to two members! That doesn't happen very often! So she will have good fellowship!

Silverwolf hat

The cute Blanket momma made for me

I saw so many miracles this week! Especially as I focused on Christ! My studies this last week were solely on Christ's life and teaching. It was amazing! I finished reading the Gospel's and now I am reading Jesus the Christ. Which is an amazing book!!! Christ centered Christmas is the very best. It was a very different Christmas than I have ever had but it was amazing and one I will never forget. 

Skyping the family on Christmas Day!

I love you all! Happy New Year!
Love, Sister Burton xoxo

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