Sister Burton

Sister Burton

Monday, December 1, 2014

Holy Crow, Look at All the SNOW!

Holy Crow is a Canadian Phrase that I find Hilarious! :)  It makes my day!  We got so much snow on Thursday!

We only got stuck 4 times! :) Luckily, there are very nice people in this world that help push you out!  Most of the times we got stuck we got out pretty quickly but once, we were stuck for 40 minutes.  It was crazy!  haha!  But we made it.  We were on our way to get new tires.  Since we got new tires we have only gotten stuck once!

We weren't able to meet with patty this week but we did talk to her quite a bit.  She got a gob so she is super busy now.  Hopefully she will find time for us this week!

We met with Heidi without Joy this week and it was really good!  We straightened out some of her concerns and helped her realize that she doesn't know as much as she thought she did about the church.  Hopefully we can continue to teach Joy and help Heidi learn in the process.

We took Autumn to the Primary Party this week! She was super nervous when we first got there but we introduced her to some girls and said "goodbye, have fun!" I felt so bad leaving her but we had to go to supper. We talked to the Primary President after and she said that Autumn had so much fun!! Now we just need to get her to church! A less active in our ward is a live in nanny for Autumn so that is how we met her!

This week was my birthday! It was a super different birthday than I have ever had but I guess that happens when you are focused on others not yourself. It was mostly just a regular day, I opened my presents right when I woke up, (I didn't have to wait for dad to get home from work!), then we went on with our day. We went out to lunch as a district which was super fun! And then we had the Mission Hill Christmas Party that night. Patty and Heidi said they were coming but they didn't so we just helped serve. Our ward was in charge of serving the food. After everyone had eaten, our ward ate and they sang "Happy Birthday" to me! I was slightly embarassed but happy :) It was a great day! Sister Budge left streamers in her desk so Sister Gunnell hung them up while I was in the shower and she put balloons on my desk and painted me a painting, and made me breakfast! It was really good! :) 

A lot happened this week! We were busy! And this next week is going to be even busier! Man, the weeks are flying by! I cannot believe that I have been out 4 months.

I love you all!! Have a great week!
Love, Sister Burton xoxo

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