Sister Burton

Sister Burton

Monday, December 15, 2014

Transfer Calls Once More...

The Edmonton North West Zone
I cannot believe it was another day of Transfer Calls...and that I am starting my 4th Transfer.  But I am staying in Sturgeon with Sister G!!!  Probably my last Transfer in Sturgeon which is super sad!  I am so glad that I am staying here for Christmas!  A lot of members have invited us over so I am super excited!
Awkward Family Photo...We are all in the dumb poses we always
have to do during family pictures.  Notice the "Thumbs out" on the Elders
This week was pretty good.  We were not able to meet with any of our investigators again but we have an appointment set up for tonight with a family!  Hopefully they will start investigating!  I am super excited! I have seen the Hand of the Lord
in Sturgeon and it is amazing!
This is our District Photo for the Transfer. 
In this mission there is a rule called the "Donut Rule".  It means that every time you fall you owe the District donuts.  So, of course, who fell this week?  ME, Sis. G and Elder A.  So at District Meeting we have soooo many donuts! 
Funny sign.  In Canada we have crazy ice conditions.  You never
know when you are going to fall.
I am pretty sure that Canada is just a giant Ice Skating Rink because
Last night we met with a less active member and her boyfriend!  They fed us Filipino food and we taught him!  She wants him to be baptized so bad but she doesn't come to church...Hopefully by teaching him they will both start coming to Church together!
I am still learning how to take pictures with my camera.  I thought I
set the 10 second timer...haha.  I am not good at technology.  But here is
the District (minus Elder Allen) and my hair.
We went on Splits with the Relief Society President and Sis. V on Thursday and it was such a good night!  I went with Sis. J and Sis. Gunnell was with Sis. V.  I love getting the ward involved in missionary work, especially in meeting with the less active members!  We have so many less active members and the ward has been such a great help finding them and teaching them with us!
The cutest little girls in our ward make snow animals!

Saturday we went over to an active family's house to help them make 12 Days of Christmas gifts for families in the Ward.  They do it every year and you can just see the joy in their eyes!  I want to start that Tradition of doing a 12 Days of Christmas to families in need every year.  They do this every year and they have never had it done to them so we decided to do it to them!  I am so excited!!  We go the Elders in on it and we have been doing it the past 2 nights.  I haven't heard anything yet but I think the kids will be so excited!  I love serving others!  It makes Christmas time so much more meaningful!
We have been doing a lot of service lately helping families in need.  We help at the Food Bank every week and this week we helped a less active who is the President of some club that makes hampers for families in St. Albert that are in need of it.  It was such a great experience!  Each family will be getting 5 boxes of food minimum, more if they have bigger families, and toys for each of the kids.  It is amazing what a community can do!  They are helping 167 families in St. Albert!
Primrose (Everdeen) Place
From Hunger Games

Well, not much is new, except Christmas Conference with the mission is on Friday!  Hooray!!  And Christmas next week!
I love you all and I hope you have a great week!
Love, Sis. Burton xoxo


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