Sister Burton

Sister Burton

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving! (Canadian Style)

This week was super great! Our lesson with Patty last week was amazing! She felt the spirit and thought everything we were teaching her made sense! She is fantastic! She wanted to meet again soon so we set up an appointment for last Wednesday! We were going to meet her at the church to do a chapel tour and she never showed up.. We were super confused. She seemed so interested. Turns out she is the most forgetful person on this planet. We set up another appointment for Saturday to do a chapel tour and go to a baptism. She forgot. She said she would come to church. She forgot. On Sunday we figured she would forget so we decided to call her 15 minutes after sacrament meeting started, I felt prompted to call her. That Holy Ghost really knows what he is doing! She had forgotten but she was totally willing to put her beer in the fridge and come to church. (We haven't had the Word of Wisdom Lesson yet, it will come :)). So she came to church! And she liked it!  She said she wants to come next week! She commented in Sunday School and Relief Society! And she was typing questions she had in her phone for us to answer after! She is fantastic and I love her and her willingness despite the forgetfullness!

Sis. Burton in St. Albert
We went on exchanges this week! I stayed in Sturgeon and Sister Yergensen came! I was super nervous to be the only one who new the area but it was great! Sooo many miracles happened that day!!! I have been super nervous for transfers because I think Sister Budge will go somewhere else and I will stay here but I am not so nervous anymore! I can handle it! :) God works in mysterious ways! He is one smart fellow. 

Sis. Burton and Sis. Yergensen

We had two Thanksgiving suppers! One of Sunday and one of Monday! It was delicious. Basically the same as the States. Turkey, potatoes, stuffing, and family :) 

Sis. Burton and Sis. Budge on a Thanksgiving Day walk
We didn't get a chance to meet with Adrienne and Kalen, Charissa, or Dallas. But we have appointments set up to meet with them! The work has really progressed in Sturgeon, especially in the last few weeks! 

Heavenly Father blesses us so much! I have always known that but I don't think I was ever really looking for the blessings! 

I have heard so much about Family Home Evening in the past couple weeks! And even though I am not able to be home to do it with my family I encourage you to really try to do family home evening every week! 

Sis. Budge and Sis. Burton

Love you all!
Love, Sis. Burton xoxo

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