Sister Burton

Sister Burton

Monday, October 6, 2014

I Love General Conference!

This week was great! I loved General Conference! Our district got together at the St. Albert Chapel and watched it on one of the churches TV's through the internet! We got the couches from the Foyers and the Chairs from the Mother's Lounge! It was a great conference! (Yes the Elders did Stadium seating to the back couch. I refused to sit on it.)

The District's General Conference Set Up

Next Monday is Canadian Thanksgiving! I am so excited! We are going to the Leduc's for supper which is fantastic because I love them! It is weird to see all the Thanksgiving decorations go up before Halloween. Because it is Thanksgiving I won't be emailing until Tuesday :)

Every week we do service at the Rock Garden. This week we went and Patty was the only one there. It was Sister Budge's birthday so Adrienne made her a cake but she had to leave so Sister Budge, Patty, and I ate it together. We were just chatting and Patty said, "So because the end of the season is coming, I knew I needed to get this out before I didn't see you anymore.." SHE WANTS TO LEARN MORE! She knew where our church was and wants to come! We are teaching her today and I could not be more excited! None of our investigators are progressing (they won't keep their commitments!), so Sister Budge and I were talking about how we can find people with real intent. And right after that chat we went to the Rock Garden and Patty has real intent! I am super excited I think she will be fantastic! She hasn't ever been religious but she wants to be. AHHH! I am soooo excited! ​

This week was Sister Budge's 21st birthday! We had two birthday parties for her at member's homes! I am so grateful that she is my companion! I love her so much! And we get along super well!

Happy 21st Birthday Sis. Budge!

A couple weeks ago I told you about Shawn and Candice who came to Stake Conference and found us. Well we taught them a lesson and it went so good! They are great! And they came to church!! While we were at church they talked to the Bishop. And guess what. They are not in our ward. They are in Mission Hill. The ward just next to us. They literally live right outside our ward boundary. So we passed them over to the Elders very reluctantly. So now it is a big joke in the ward council that we always find great investigators for Mission Hill. (We haven`t told them that Patty is in Mission Hill, but she is a sister request so we still get to teach her!)

I had a great week! I love being a missionary! I have seen the hand of the Lord in my life so many times that it is a little unbelievable but also very believable! Heavenly Father loves us so much and he wants to help us so much we just have to ask Him! And in his own ways and timing he will answer our prayers!

I love you all so much!
Love, Sister Burton

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