Sister Burton

Sister Burton

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Moving, moving, moving

I am getting so buff! This week we moved people 3 times. On Thursday us and the Elders went to a less active families house in Mission Hill to put all of their stuff in U-Haul. Then Friday the Elders helped us moved back into our old apartment. Then later that day we helped the family unpack the U-Haul and put all the boxes sorted into their new house. I carried boxes for 2 days straight. My arms are very sore! But it was super fun! We got to know the family, which was good because they moved into our ward.

Sis. Burton's missionary badge

I am pretty sure this week was cancel on the Sister's week. We had so many lessons set up but almost everyone cancelled on us. It was crazy! But we still saw so much success this week!
We met with Patty again and she told us about her experience at church. She loved the last half of Sacrament and Gospel Principles (Sunday School) but didn't really like Relief Society. I feel bad saying this but I don't really blame her. It was the weirdest lesson. I am not really sure what it was even about. But Patty said she will try it again! She didn't come to church yesterday. I am not sure why. We called her twice and she never answered. I am pretty sure she forgot. And she doesn't have a cell phone so we can only call her home phone and she isn't home much. She is going to Montreal this week so we can't meet with her nor can she come to church, but we will see her next week when she gets home!

Sis. Burton by the Sturgeon River while on a trail walk

This week me and Sister Budge did the Training at District Meeting! We talked about Our Purpose as Missionaries and how it relates to the Plan of Salvation! It was super clever and informative! I enjoyed it, I hope the Elders did, too!
On Saturday we got a call from the Belmead Ward Sisters telling us that they had a Potential for us who wanted to come to church. So we got his name and phone number and called him. We wanted to come to church and we set him up with a ride. Yesterday we got to church and he was there! Turns out he is a member. He has a super thick accent so no one could really understand him. Luckily, there are some French speakers in our ward so they talked to him and welcomed him into the ward. Haha sometimes that language barrier really gets in the way! We thought he was super interested in learning more! Haha. But his wife is not a member so we are going to go to their house and meet with her and see if she is interested! 

A sign that says "We miss hating the summer heat".  

Yesterday at church a member stopped us and told us he had a Potential Investigator for us! He is fantastic! This is the fourth person he has given us! He gave us her number and told us he talked to her for 2 1/2 hours the night before about the gospel. We called her and she new exactly who we were and was more than willing to set up and appointment with us for Wednesday! It was super cool to see! Even after a super slow week we still saw miracles left and right!
Sis. Budge taking a selfie

Continue looking for miracles!
Love, Sis. Burton xoxo

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