Sister Burton

Sister Burton

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Winter Has Begun...

Well we had a super nice fall but winter has now begun. I am always cold. None of the Canadians are. They haven`t started wearing coats yet so I want to fit in so I don`t either. Haha. It is my own fault that I am cold. 

It is Week 6. I can`t even believe it! I am almost done with training! Hooray! I love training but I am done with it! haha. This week was really good! We met with a lot of less actives and had a lesson with Cali! Our new investigator! She is 13 years old and is super interested! Her family is not religious at all but she is! We taught her Lesson 1 (The Restoration) and every thing we said made sense to her! She was going to come to church yesterday but I think her phone died so she didn`t get our texts. But we are going to bring her to Young Womens on Thursday hopefully! There is only one Beehive in the ward so the Beehive Adviser is super excited! 

We are meeting with Adrienne and Kalen tomorrow! It has been so long since we met with them last! I am really excited! I hope it goes well! Patty gets home from Montreal tomorrow so hopefully we can meet with her on Thursday! I want to ask her about the Book of Mormon because when we gave it to her she was soooo excited! She loved the Index. haha. 

We are trying to find all the lost sheep in the ward so we go on splits with the Relief Society President and her 1st Counselor every week! It is really good! We get to know a lot more Less Actives and so does the ward! 

Don`t worry Mom I got my flu shot on Saturday! Because we are missionaries we got them for free. (I don`t really know why...) But they were free! 

Today we woke up to snow. It snowed a little bit last night but I thought that it would go away but it didn`t. When Sister Budge opened the curtains and I saw the snow I started singing the Snow Bear song. Mom you have engrained that in my brain. haha :) 

This week was great! But this next week is going to be even better! We are really focusing on Finding new investigators!

Love you!
Love, Sister Burton

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